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The Illuminati is an alliance that has 1 goal. Provide a safe place for smaller, newer alliances to grow. We help get new nations things like free nuclear power plants, 1,000 infrastructure per city, 4 cities (5th one after a week), free uranium, and free food. This is to help our members focus on growing, since newer nations shouldn't have to focus on smaller things like that. We also provide great building guides for your cities, and helpful advice when your stuck. Our mission is to help newer players find interest in this game, since starting out can be very difficult and boring, and this causes the majority to quit playing before they even get to see how great of a game this is.

We have a friendly community on our discord, and a great government, filled with only the best. We are always looking for new players to help them grow, but we are also looking for experienced players, to help us run this alliance as efficiently as possible. We only let the most experienced players help run this alliance. We also have three leaders. In this game nobody ever really talks about how hard it is to run a successful alliance, but there are a lot of challenges, especially while the alliance is small, and you are trying to grow. The reason behind this three-way leadership role is to not only spread the power so that no single man has all the power, but also to take the stress off of the leader, and allow us to make more rational decisions. Also it frees us up to help newer players on a more 1 on 1 level.

We hope you will find The Illuminati to be as great of an alliance as we do, see you around.

-We have free food for all members!
-We have a seniority based tax bracket, so the longer you are a member, the lower your taxes!
-We offer a friendly, and helpful community!
-Plus, we are the Illuminati, and you should join us!

If you join you will be part of the greatest alliance in the history of Orbis!!

-Must log in at least once a week
-Must have discord for full benefits
-May not attack any alliance in the top 25, or any alliance with a treaty with an alliance in the top 25
-may not attack any of our allies, or any alliances with treaties that hold treaties with our allies.
-Must want your nation to grow and thrive
-INACTIVES will be demoted to applicant until activity resumes. After a week inactives will be put on a 100/100 tax, and will have to message a leader to be taken off.

Discord is a requirement to receive full benefits, message Ragnarok of Alexandria for verification.

Major Events

-3/24/2018 The Illuminati is founded
-6/02/2018 Possible merger with Animation Domination is discussed (fail to come to an agreement)
-6/09/2018 The Great Recruitment Effort goes into place
-6/23/2018 The Illuminati hits 10,000 score!!!
-6/30/2018 thru 7/1/2018 Government coup. We re-gain control!
-7/7/2018 war is declared on Esquire Templar and Knights Templar

Basic Information
Alliance Name:The Illuminati (TI)
Leader:Keelan Kyle
Bank Government:Viacom
Founded:03/24/2018 (117 Days Old)
Continent:North America
Color: Lime
Alliance Rank:#68 of 200 (34%)
Avg Score:298.65
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:1 (2.63%)
Beige Nations:8 (21.62%)
Gray Nations:11 (29.73%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:167
Total Infrastructure:152,552.21
Total Land:163,257.00
Total Population:13,077,203
Total GDP:$24,939,628,692
Total Soldiers:977,311
Total Tanks:4,505
Total Aircraft:642
Total Ships:92
Total Missiles:0
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
No Applicants
Alliance HQ
NAP European UnionN/A
Protectorate OmegaN/A