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The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura


•Imperial council•
• The Emperor (Medicine Chief / Blue King / Ukv):
His Imperial Majesty Ukunaka Kukvlkana Sahoni
•Ulotuh (Imperial Assistant):
•Katat'akanehi (Imperial Flagbearer) :

•National Affairs council•
• Peace Chief (White Chief / Left Chancellor):Gatun'lati Anigilohi
•Tikuhno'Chiliski (Peace speaker / Deputy peace chief) :Odtsetseg Khatun
•Minister of Agriculture, Worx, & Development: Gatun'lati Anigilohi
• Minister of Revenue & Civil Service:Odtsetseg Khatun
•Minister of Sports & Ceremonies:

•Foreign Affairs council•
• Skayagustu'egwo (Grand War Chief /Great Red Chief of War/Right Chancellor): Red Wolf
•Skalikoski (War speaker / Deputy red chief): Princess Seshat
•Minister of War: The Red Wolf
•The Imperial Ambassador:The Red Wolf
•Minister of Trade: Princess Seshat
Imperial Emissaries: The Red Wolf
Trade Sector Representatives: Princess Seshat , The Red Wolf
~IAAF R7 Grand Generals~
(7-7 Imperial Army) HIM Ukunaka Sahoni,
(7-6 National Army) Grand Warchief Red Wolf
(7-5 National Guard) Peace Chief Gatun'lati
(7-4 Imperial Guard)Princess Hikari
(7-3 Celestial Guard) Odtsetseg Khatun
(7-2 Celestial Armada)Princess Seshat
(7-1 Support Armada)Vacant

•Justice council•
•Chief of Justice:Odtsetseg Khatun
•Minister of Justice:
Magistrates:Odtsetseg Khatun
Lower Magistrates:

•Control council•
•Chief Censor:Vacant
•Minister of Appeals:
•Minister of Robotics:

•Examination council•
•President of the Examination Council:vacant
•Minister of Personnel: vacant
•Minister of Immigration:
Personnel Examiners:
Civil service Examiners:Odtsetseg Khatun
Immigration Examiners:

•The People•
•The Chiga'u (The Empress):Her Imperial Majesty Hikari

Clan Leaders:
αŽ β α‚β αŒβ αŽ°β α‚β :
β αŽ β α‚β α©β α―β :
β αŽ β α‚β αŽͺβ α–αŽ¨α«β :
β αŽ β α‚β αŽ§β α«β :
β αŽ β α‚β α₯⁠Ꮝ⁠k⁠Ꮹ
αŽ α‚α¬α—
β αŽ β α‚β αŽ©β αŽΆβ αŽ―:⁠Gatun'lati Anigilohi

all Vacant Head of Government positions are held by the Emperor until filled
all vacant low government positions are held by that branch's executive until filled

Map of the 7 Nations (also known as The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura)
User Images

User Images

If you wish to apply you must join our discord and have at least 6 cities with nuclear power and max hangars.
Exceptions can be made for irl citizens of the Empire and members of our other online communities

Basic Information
Alliance Name:The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura (πŸŒ™πŸŒΈ7N)
Council Exec & Vice:Gatunlati Anigilohi , Red Wolf , Odtsetseg Khatun
Founded:03/18/2018 (268 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Polar Blue
Alliance Rank:#75 of 221 (33.94%)
Avg Score:1,007.66
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:0 (0%)
Beige Nations:1 (8.33%)
Gray Nations:0 (0%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:93
Total Infrastructure:110,295.39
Total Land:114,800.00
Total Population:10,012,570
Total GDP:$11,787,966,998
Total Soldiers:1,044,118
Total Tanks:20,523
Total Aircraft:6,167
Total Ships:241
Total Missiles:10
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
Michael Sweet337.46
Ruizhong of Feng549.24
ODoAP KomandoN/A
ODoAP SolitudeN/A
ODoAP InfoWarsN/A
ODoAP Electric SpaceN/A
ODoAP The FederationN/A
PIAT United HoodsN/A
PIAT United Maharlika EmpireN/A
Protectorate Afrika KorpsN/A