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The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura


•Imperial council•
• The Emperor (Medicine Chief / Blue King / Ukv):
His Imperial Majesty Ukunaka Kukvlkana Sahoni
•Ulotuh (Imperial Assistant):
•Katat'akanehi (Imperial Flagbearer) :

•National Affairs council•
• Peace Chief (White Chief / Left Chancellor):vacant
•Tikuhno'Chiliski (Peace speaker) :
Minister of Agriculture, Worx, & Development: Vacant
Minister of Defense:vacant

•Foreign Affairs council•
• Skayagustu'egwo (Grand War Chief /Great Red King of War/Right Chancellor): Karl I
•Skalikoski (War speaker): Princess Seshat
Minister of Trade: Princess Seshat
Minister of War: Karl I
Imperial Emissaries: Princess Seshat
~IAAF R7 Grand Generals~
(7-7 Imperial Army) HIM Ukunaka Sahoni, (7-6 National Army) Grand Warchief Karl I (7-5 National Guard) vacant
(7-4 Imperial Guard)Vacant (7-3 Celestial Guard)Vacant
(7-2 Celestial Armada)Princess Seshat (7-1 Support Armada)Vacant

•Justice council•
•Chief of Justice:Vacant
•Minister of Justice: Morloth
Magistrates: Morloth
Lower Magistrates: Ruizhong of Feng

•Control council•
•Chief Censor (President of the Control Council / Gold Chief):Vacant
Prefects:The Lone Wanderer

•Examination council•
• President of the Examination Council (Purple Chief):vacant
• Minister of Revenue & Civil Service: Vacant
Minister of Personnel: vacant
Civil Service & Gov Examiners: Karl I
Recruiters & Immigration examiners: Morloth

•The People•
• The Chiga'u (The Empress):Her Imperial Majesty Hikari
αŽ β α‚β αŒβ αŽ°β α‚β :
β αŽ β α‚β α©β α―β :
β αŽ β α‚β αŽͺβ α–αŽ¨α«β :
β αŽ β α‚β αŽ§β α«β :
β αŽ β α‚β α₯⁠Ꮝ⁠k⁠Ꮹ
αŽ α‚α¬α—
β αŽ β α‚β αŽ©β αŽΆβ αŽ―:⁠

all Vacant Head of Government positions are held by the Emperor until filled
all vacant low government positions are held by that branch's executive until filled

Map of the 7 Nations (also known as The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura)
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Central Alliance of The Empire and its Military apparatus The Imperial Army & Aerospace Forces (IAAF)
Member of The Silk Road Bloc
Member of Silk Road trade network
Member of Skynet
Member of Meteorstorm

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Basic Information
Alliance Name:The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura (πŸŒ™πŸŒΈ7N)
The Emperor:Ukunaka
The Chigau:Hikari
Council Leader:Karl I
Founded:03/18/2018 (213 Days Old)
Continent:North America
Color Trade Bloc: Polar Blue
Alliance Rank:#94 of 189 (49.74%)
Avg Score:673.27
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:1 (12.5%)
Beige Nations:2 (28.57%)
Gray Nations:0 (0%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:53
Total Infrastructure:61,062.01
Total Land:62,544.00
Total Population:4,964,176
Total GDP:$6,944,487,572
Total Soldiers:443,087
Total Tanks:6,163
Total Aircraft:1,458
Total Ships:54
Total Missiles:3
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
Michael Sweet365.55
Breich Moslovok189.83
Alliance HQ
NAP TyphonN/A
ODoAP The FederationLink
PIAT YakuzaN/A