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The Misfits


The Misfits are an alliance based up of lower score players. Our goal is to create a tight core of players and to rise up the ranks. There are no requirements to join our alliance all we ask is that you consider joining our discord, That is the best place to get up to date information about what is happening and it is also a good place to make new friends . We have a low tax rate at 10% of resources and 10% of income each turn. Everyone within our alliance is treated equally and everyone is allowed to have their own say.

Emperor: Snjar Dreki
Archduke: Jack Heanly
Count Of Foreign Affairs: Awesome Man
Count Of The Senate: mad dog
Count Of Finance: CNut
Count Of Defence: Kanute

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Our discord is the best place to contact our members, It is also where all our foreign affairs are run from. Just join and give the server admins a ping and they will help you from there.

Basic Information
Alliance Name:The Misfits (MF)
Emperor:Snjar Dreki
Count:mad dog
Founded:03/09/2018 (73 Days Old)
Continent:South America
Color: Aqua
Alliance Rank:#122 of 261 (46.74%)
Avg Score:335.45
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:1 (16.67%)
Beige Nations:3 (60%)
Gray Nations:2 (40%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:31
Total Infrastructure:28,362.45
Total Land:26,060.00
Total Population:2,219,620
Total GDP:$5,019,954,056
Total Soldiers:175,432
Total Tanks:139
Total Aircraft:918
Total Ships:19
Total Missiles:0
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
No Applicants
Alliance HQ
NAP Verein der Deutschen StaatenN/A
NAP United Countries of StupidityN/A
ODP League of Democratic NationsN/A
MDP The HessiansN/A
NAP Imperial Metric UnionN/A
MDP HusariaN/A
MDP Orbis Defense InitiativeN/A