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Assassin Order


The Creed of the Assassin Brotherhood teaches us that nothing is forbidden to us. Once, I thought that meant we were free to do as we would. To pursue our ideals, no matter the cost. I understand now. Not a grant of permission. The Creed is a warning. Ideals too easily give way to dogma. Dogma becomes fanaticism. No higher power sits in judgement of us. No supreme being watches to punish us for our sins. In the end, only we ourselves can guard against our obsessions. Only we can decide whether the road we walk carries too high a toll. We believe ourselves redeemers, avengers, saviours. We make war on those who oppose us, and they in turn make war on us. We dream of leaving our stamp upon the world... even as we give our lives in a conflict that will be recorded in no history book. All that we do, all that we are, begins and ends with ourselves.

Mentor: Kastor
Master Assassin: Penguin

Veteran Assassin of Internal Affairs: The Royalist
Veteran Assassin of Foreign Affairs: Leonius
Veteran Assassin of War: James XVI
Veteran Assassin of Econ: Vacant

Disciple Assassin of Internal Affairs: Vacant
Disciple Assassin of Foreign Affairs: Vacant
Disciple Assassin of Military Affairs: Vacant
Disciple Assassin of Economical Affairs: Vacant

Protected by
- New Pacific Order,
- Nuclear Knights,
- Teutonic Order,
- Solidarity of Dragons,
- Roz Wei
- Ragnarok
- Pawawith

Where other men blindly follow the truth, Remember, nothing is true.
Where other men are limited by morality or law, Remember, everything is permitted.

We work in the dark, to serve the light.
We are Assassins.

Basic Information
Alliance Name:Assassin Order (AO)
Master Assassin:Penguin
Veteran Assassin:James XVI , Leonius , Waffle , The Royalist
Founded:11/09/2017 (12 Days Old)
Color: White
Alliance Rank:#50 of 152 (32.89%)
Avg Score:822.79
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:0 (0%)
Beige Nations:6 (15.79%)
Gray Nations:2 (5.26%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:275
Total Infrastructure:380,782.77
Total Land:424,430.00
Total Population:38,867,790
Total GDP:$112,746,286,689
Total Soldiers:892,145
Total Tanks:28,049
Total Aircraft:12,143
Total Ships:584
Total Missiles:15
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
Holi Richards7.50
Tony Snyke71.18
Alliance HQ
Protectorate Solidarity of DragonsN/A
Protectorate New Pacific OrderN/A
Protectorate Nuclear KnightsN/A
Protectorate RagnarokN/A
Protectorate PolarisLink