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Esquire Templar is an extension of the Knights Templar. It serves as a training and recruitment alliance. An attack on ET is the same as attacking a member of KT. If attacked, we reserve the right to wreck you. If you're out of range, we reserve the right to wreck a member of your alliance in range.

Although there are special exceptions, membership in Knights Templar can only be obtained through months of training and learning here in Esquire Templar. The process is rough. Members must endure exercises, must do a lot of reading, and are expected to remain very active. However, those who pass are allowed to enter the elite halls of the Knights Templar and will be some of the top players in the game (compared to many others of the same in-game age, at least).

If you believe you are a good enough player to skip training and join KT directly, then private message Horsecock, Vladamir Putin, or Theodosius over Discord.

If you wish to be accepted into ET, you must message LordInfinitius#2534 (Xavier Renarus) on discord and remain active.

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Due to ET's political status with regards to KT, all FA inquiries must be made to KT's government. Exceptions may be made in regards to ET's raiding; such things may be brought to the attention of ET's government if there's a problem.

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Headmaster: Xavier
Squirrel Almoner: Rygus
Squirrel Seneschal: Vacant
Knight of The Order of Saladin: Rimski

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Basic Information
Alliance Name:Esquire Templar (ET)
Headmaster:Xavier Renarus
Squirrel Almoner:Rygus
Squirrel Government:Rimski
Founded:07/14/2017 (367 Days Old)
Color: Maroon
Alliance Rank:#40 of 201 (19.9%)
Avg Score:618.93
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:6 (8.22%)
Beige Nations:32 (47.76%)
Gray Nations:36 (53.73%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:621
Total Infrastructure:472,491.90
Total Land:970,374.00
Total Population:45,469,762
Total GDP:$103,370,616,924
Total Soldiers:1,652,498
Total Tanks:963
Total Aircraft:7,196
Total Ships:46
Total Missiles:46
Total Nuclear Weapons:1
Alliance HQ
MDP Knights TemplarLink