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Church of Spaceology


Come take a sip...

Drinking the blood of Uncle
Drinking it right from his veins
Learning to swim in the punch bowl
Learning to prowl in his name
The body of Space looked unto me
A preacher with ladle in hand
He wants you to suck on the Holy Ghost
And swallow the sins of man

I'm sorry, son, but times are tough. We can't afford Wacky Mallows. We're going to have to get some off-brand breakfast cereal.

Basic Information
Alliance Name:Church of Spaceology
Captain Nao:Ripper
Man They Call Space:Spaceman Thrax , Seb
Anomalies:Jim Beam , Agent W , Katie , Ebeezy , Critters , Lord of Puns , Goomy , Rose , Cazaric , Luke the 13th , Nietzschelloo , Albus Dumbledore , CPT Nixon , Rogue , Black Rook , Malinok , Lene Hau , Essepanda
Founded:03/17/2017 (492 Days Old)
Continent:North America
Color: Purple
Alliance Rank:#8 of 197 (4.06%)
Avg Score:4,236.65
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:No.
Vacation Mode Members:2 (4.76%)
Beige Nations:0 (0%)
Gray Nations:1 (2.5%)
Alliance Treasures:2
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.83%
Total Cities:938
Total Infrastructure:2,213,178.26
Total Land:2,867,239.00
Total Population:267,322,023
Total GDP:$891,194,221,273
Total Soldiers:1,951,512
Total Tanks:299,726
Total Aircraft:77,206
Total Ships:4,972
Total Missiles:37
Total Nuclear Weapons:184
No Applicants
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