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"Steel your heart and your soul will shine brighter than a thousand suns."

Lordaeron is an alliance based off of World of Warcraft, we strive for excellence in everything that we do.

High Government:
High King: Kastor
Archmage: Chidz
Paladin of Foreign Affairs: Britishdude
Paladin of War: Jeremy
Paladin of Internal Affairs: Enigma
Paladin of Econ: Mastranni
Paladin of Security: Kaname Isao

Lordaeron Squads:
Blood Mage of the Blood Elves: Vexz
High Chieftain of the Taurens: Keyes
The Divine Prophet of the Draenai: Enigma
Head Panda of the Pandaren: Michael R. Mastranni

Low Government:
Captain of Foreign Affairs: Croaker
Captain of Foreign Affairs: Syrano
Captain of Foreign Affairs: Damid Canter
Captain of Foreign Affairs: Nigoras
Captain of Military Affairs: Charles Talleyrand
Captain of Military Affairs: Alpha Dog
Captain of Military Affairs: Noremak
Captain of Internal Affairs: Waffle
Captain of Internal Affairs: Kynlo
Captain of Internal Affairs: Zerocool
Captain of Economic Affairs: Vexz
Captain of Economic Affairs: Potato
Captain of Economic Affairs: Bobby0110

To join, apply in-game and join our discord.

Current Treaties:
MDoAP with New Pacific Order
MDoAP with Order of the White Rose
ODoAP with Guardians of the Galaxy

Any Foreign Affairs questions can be directed to Britishdude or Kastor.

We protect all members, regardless of perceived activity

Basic Information
Alliance Name:Lordaeron (Lord)
Royalty:Kastor , Chidz
High Government:Vexz , Britishdude , Jeremy , James Mallister , Enigma , Keyes
Low Government:Charles Talleyrand , Croaker , potato , Bobby0110 , Noremak , Damid Canter , Waffle , Nigoras , Zerocool
Founded:04/01/2017 (88 Days Old)
Color: Aqua
Alliance Rank:#14 of 121 (11.57%)
Avg Score:914.00
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:0 (0%)
Beige Nations:2 (2.7%)
Gray Nations:1 (1.35%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:582
Total Infrastructure:680,861.04
Total Land:748,882.00
Total Population:69,384,243
Total GDP:$192,726,364,971
Total Soldiers:2,196,797
Total Tanks:88,525
Total Aircraft:34,807
Total Ships:509
Total Missiles:9
Total Nuclear Weapons:1
Boberto Ross288.80
Jani Kakko72.50
Alliance HQ