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Vox Populi


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There is a place that you can find
Where everyone is always kind,
Where everything is harmony,
Where every man is always free.

A place where men can do good deeds
And share their lot with those with needs,
But still have fun in all they do
While being good and firm and true.

Look for a sign with compasses and square,
Easily found, they're most everywhere,
Just note the number and the street
To know where Vox Populi goes to meet.

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Whether you are a new apprentice seeking to learn the knowledge the stars can provide, or a master seeking for new experiences to strengthen your personal development, the Vox Populi family will always be welcoming you with open arms, when you have what it takes to become a brother or sister. Freedom will prevail in our small family.

Everyone applying is required to communicate to us over Discord. Potential applicants who do not go to the official Vox Populi server after being redirected there after 48 hours will be removed from our alliance applicant list.


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Lord of Convergence (Head of State)

Lord Retinue, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Charlie Traveler

Council of Guidance
Baron of the Bastille (Mil) Jebediah Kerman

Baron of Central Dogma (IA) Luviel

Baron of Outland Correspondence (FA) Duchess Satine

Baron of Publication (Rec) Bongtoicious/Jumin

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Basic Information
Alliance Name:Vox Populi (VP)
Lord of Convergence:Baronus
Lord Retinue:Charlie Traveler
Council of Guidance:Kelsi , Duchess Satine , Jebediah Kerman , Bongtoicious
Founded:11/02/2016 (404 Days Old)
Color: Brown
Alliance Rank:#40 of 163 (24.54%)
Avg Score:1,577.50
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:3 (11.11%)
Beige Nations:0 (0%)
Gray Nations:3 (12.5%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:289
Total Infrastructure:467,983.35
Total Land:486,975.31
Total Population:48,335,153
Total GDP:$155,553,795,087
Total Soldiers:1,169,471
Total Tanks:89,822
Total Aircraft:16,114
Total Ships:1,341
Total Missiles:46
Total Nuclear Weapons:2
Michael Wentman850.23
Yuriko Kawajima796.52
Caliph Azaz I181.09
Fore Hand321.24
Winston Churchill107.00
Noble team316.16
Warrior King183.89
Dimitiri Tchekovsky66.53
Rakib hasan50.53
Kevin Krevist60.75
Alliance HQ
MDoAP Dark BrotherhoodLink
MDP RoseLink
ODP The United Empire of ZahAharonN/A
MDoAP Rise of the Undead MobLink