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Ragnarok is a close-knit, friendly, and committed alliance. Our vibrant community welcomes new and experienced players alike.

Ragnarok treats players that are active in our community with the respect they deserve, and ensures the safety and prosperity of all its members. Our members are not afraid to stand up for one another in difficult times, make sacrifices for the good of the community, and work together to uphold Ragnarok’s well-established reputation within Orbis.

***All applicants must join ROK's discord server where they will be interviewed before joining the alliance.***

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"Ber er hver að baki nema sér bróður eigi" / "One’s back is vulnerable, unless one has a brother"
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High King: Trajan
Jarl: Jeremy Graham
Our Goddess: Vexy (The true leader)

High Council
Thane of Diplomacy: AddictedBoy
Thane of Culture: AwesomeNova
Thane of Commerce: Nikolash
Thane of War: Dundren

Low Council
Steward of Diplomacy: Kero Quest
Stewards of Culture: Ains
Steward of Commerce: Zafri Zackery
Steward of War: Balancer

For any FA matters, please contact our Ministry of Diplomacy (AddictedBoy, Kero Quest) and/or our Chieftains (Trajan, Jeremy Graham).
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User Images
MnDoAP with House Stark
ODoAP with Rose
ODoAP with R&R
ODP with The Fighting Pacifists
Protectorate with Assassin Order
Protectorate with United Nations of America
NAP with Order of the White Rose
NAP with League of Democratic Nations
NAP with Guinness
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Basic Information
Alliance Name:Ragnarok (ROK)
Chieftains:Trajan , Jeremy Graham
Commerce Councilors:Zafri Zackery , Nikolash
Council:Balancer , Dundren , Kero Quest , AwesomeNova , AddictedBoy , Ains
Founded:03/26/2016 (630 Days Old)
Color: Black
Alliance Rank:#23 of 159 (14.47%)
Avg Score:1,796.35
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:No.
Vacation Mode Members:0 (0%)
Beige Nations:1 (2.78%)
Gray Nations:0 (0%)
Alliance Treasures:1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.00%
Total Cities:398
Total Infrastructure:761,084.80
Total Land:828,089.00
Total Population:78,749,905
Total GDP:$250,637,708,009
Total Soldiers:1,969,324
Total Tanks:138,071
Total Aircraft:25,078
Total Ships:2,279
Total Missiles:43
Total Nuclear Weapons:13
Mark Drew122.09
Alliance HQ
ODoAP RoseLink
ODP The Fighting PacifistsLink
NAP Order of the White RoseLink
NAP League of Democratic NationsN/A
MDoAP House StarkLink
Protectorate Assassin OrderN/A
Protectorate United Nations of AmericaN/A
NAP GuinnessN/A