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Black Sheep


At Black Sheep Alliance, we prioritize the freedom of our members to lead their nations their way, ensuring both individual and collective prosperity.

We offer:

   Autonomy in Governance: Lead your nation without constraints, focusing on prosperity and freedom.
 Fierce Defense: We defend our ideals and members against any threats with unmatched ferocity.
   Solidarity in Strength: Small in number, but mighty in impact, backed by the robust support of the Antarctica Alliance.
   Direct Communication: No Discord requirement; We do offer it. Keeping it simple.

Join us if you're ready to be part of a force where freedom reigns and strength is in unity. Apply in-game today!


Alliance Discord Members/FA

Antarctica Alliance

The Golden Horde

The High Table

 Orbis Peace Organization

The Convenience Store
Black Penguins

 Any attacks against members or applicants will be countered!

Alliance Anthem 

Alliances have the ability to share their markets with other alliances, effectively creating multi-alliance markets only available to the members of the alliances involved.

Alliance Name Date Members Color Average Score Score Status
Antarctica Alliance02/09/2024110aqua2,735.16300,867.61Active
Apex Factory02/24/20242black1,918.783,837.55Active
Novus Junior Corporation05/14/20243black832.162,496.47Active
The Convenience Store05/17/20241white3,950.693,950.69Active
Apocalypse Knights06/19/202440purple2,755.90110,236.03Active