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Cornerstone is an alliance made up of nations dedicated to a wide range of Christian faiths, denominations, and traditions. We have a strong culture of faith, honor, mutual cooperation, and respect. We defend our honour, and we defend our own. We are Cornerstone. Come join us!

After applying, please do remember to join our Discord channel and ask the Grand-Duc of Interior for a short interview (and if they are not on contact another cabinet member to have it passed along) as this will be the only way your membership will be approved.

We are looking for active participants who will be part of our family, those who go inactive will be removed. We use Discord prolifically, so please join us on there! (diplomats welcome!)

Motto: La peur de Dieu est le début de la sagesse
Translation: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

We do not tolerate raiding of our perceived inactive nations, nor do we tolerate our members raiding any nation, inactive or otherwise.

All member nations of Cornerstone are expected to fight when called upon for military service.

User Images
MnDoAP Bloc: The Inquisition - Black Knights, Zodiac, Cornerstone, New Pacific Order, Guardians of the Galaxy, Lordran.
McKings Accord: (MnDoAP) Black Knights
MnDoAP: Zodiac
The Acadian Corner Treaty: (MDP) Acadia
Protectorate: The Holy See

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Roi: Aristide
Grand-Duc of State: Soter (contact for foreign relations)
Grand-Duc of Commerce and Archbishop: Rache Olderen (contact for aid, loans, or trade agreements as well as prayer requests or questions concerning matters of faith)
Grand-Duc of Swords: Vacant
Grand-Duc of Interior: ForgotPants (contact if you are looking to join or for other internal issues)

Basic Information
Alliance Name:Cornerstone (CS)
Grand-Duc:Rache Olderen , ForgotPants , Soter
Duc:Brimstone , Piast , Hugues de Payens , RomulusTheFirst
Founded:01/31/2015 (1,120 Days Old)
Color: Olive
Alliance Rank:#23 of 184 (12.5%)
Avg Score:1,405.16
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:1 (1.69%)
Beige Nations:14 (24.14%)
Gray Nations:4 (6.9%)
Alliance Treasures:1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.00%
Total Cities:592
Total Infrastructure:747,735.78
Total Land:1,126,978.69
Total Population:77,256,123
Total GDP:$254,039,337,498
Total Soldiers:3,397,988
Total Tanks:161,246
Total Aircraft:39,287
Total Ships:2,105
Total Missiles:51
Total Nuclear Weapons:13
Bill English415.50
stephen cromedy301.28
the lord131.43
Amand Kosh285.39
Thomas Vanderbilt140.50
Vladmir Lonid56.98
Arthur Bloodworth140.25
Adarsh Tiwari50.50
Erik Schmidt165.28
Dom Daniel224.12
Bachir Gemayel5.75
Marcus Johnson7.65
Bob Chadinooga96.00
Nikolai Oprichniyev143.75
Lassadin Duba88.96
Edaurdo BarbosaRocha5.50
Alliance HQ
MDoAP Guardians of the GalaxyLink
MDP AcadiaLink
NAP United Purple NationsLink
MDoAP ZodiacLink
MDoAP New Pacific OrderLink
MDoAP Black KnightsLink
Protectorate The Holy SeeN/A
MDoAP LordaeronLink
MDoAP Order of the White RoseN/A
ODP WildFireN/A