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Cornerstone is an alliance made up of nations dedicated to a wide range of Christian faiths, denominations, and traditions. We have a strong culture of faith, honor, mutual cooperation, and respect. We defend our honour, and we defend our own. We are Cornerstone. Come join us!

After applying, please do remember to fill out this simple application form,

We are looking for active participants who will be part of our family, those who go inactive will be removed. We use Discord prolifically, so please join us on there! (diplomats welcome!)

Motto: Initium Sapientiæ Timor Domini et Scientia Sanctorum Prudentia
Translation: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

We do not tolerate raiding of our perceived inactive nations, nor do we tolerate our members raiding any nation, inactive or otherwise.

All member nations of Cornerstone are expected to fight when called upon for military service.

Treaties/Foreign Relations
MnDoAP Bloc: The Inquisition - Black Knights, Zodiac, Cornerstone, New Pacific Order.
MDoAP: The Coalition
MnDoAP: The Knights Radiant
MnDoAP: Black Knights
MnDoAP: Zodiac

Current Cabinet
Grand Pilus: Rache
Post Pilus: Beowulf
Legatus Princeps: Aristide (contact for foreign relations)
Adelphotes Princeps: Robert P. Holmes III (contact if you are looking to join or for other internal issues)
Quaestor Princeps: Novarus (Brimstone) (contact for aid, loans, or trade agreements)
Praesidium Princeps: Piast (contact for war/security issues)
Incursito Princeps: Rhino (contact for raiding issues/reparations)
Chaplain: Restius

Basic Information
Alliance Name:Cornerstone (CS)
Pilus:Beowulf , Rache Olderen
Princeps:Restius , Robert P Holmes III , Brimstone , Piast , Aristide , Rhino
Senator:Not Quagmire , Red , Whiskerz , GingerCake , Hugues de Payens , Retekan , RomulusTheFirst
Founded:01/31/2015 (815 Days Old)
Color: Olive
Alliance Rank:#19 of 149 (12.75%)
Avg Score:877.94
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:9 (12.33%)
Beige Nations:15 (23.44%)
Gray Nations:19 (29.69%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:712
Total Infrastructure:926,916.12
Total Land:1,433,212.83
Total Population:101,443,448
Total GDP:$378,004,914,839
Total Soldiers:3,451,680
Total Tanks:199,662
Total Aircraft:17,606
Total Ships:2,176
Total Missiles:62
Total Nuclear Weapons:63
Ryan Rojas57.83
Alliance HQ