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New Federation of Sovereign Nations


New Federation of Sovereign Nations (NFSN)

Simply: Federation of Sovereign Nations or New Federation

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The New Federation of Sovereign Nations is an Alliance that was formed with the unity of five alliances and share equal powers. The New Federation of Sovereign Nations als:

The alliances that merged to form the New Federation of Sovereign Nations are, The Rising Suns, United Sovereign Nations, The Glorious Federation, Organization of Free Nations and the Covenant of the North Star.

Orbis' only Parliamentary semi-Dynastic Alliance! 
"Nos sumus invicem magnitudine et foedere" 
"We are each other's magnitude and bond"






National Security Advisor
NSA Director - Americas

⚖️ Internal Affairs ⚖️
Commander of Internal Affairs -  Edoland
Secretary of Internal Affairs - Koryo

Secretary of Internal Affairs - Jonathon wick

🗝💵 Economic Affairs 💵🗝
Commander of the Treasury - Dominion of Cascadia 

🤝 Foreign Affairs 🤝
Commander of Foreign Affairs - Americas
Secretary of Foreign Affairs - (Vacant)

⚔️🛡 Military Affairs 🛡⚔️
  Commander of Milcom -  Dark Kingdom of Albania 
Secretary of Milcom - Alakiosantanpania, Maldives 


Proudly a Protectorate of the Federated States Of Orbis

Proud Member of The Kite Bloc

We reserve the right to counter raids and wars for any and all Kite members, bank, or outer rim members of Kite. 

PIAT with, OMAIN, Prusso Roman Imperial Union, Maurya Empire

We reserve the right to counter for all applicants we deem necessary.


How to join: 
1. Apply in-game
2. Join our Discord 
3. Open a ticket to apply in #tickets on our Discord
4. Quick interview
5. Be accepted as a member




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