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Kamehamehah addresses the nation after months of chaos

The end of the toughest time the Empire has gone through

By King Kamehamehah
02/22/2022 03:30 pm
Updated: 02/22/2022 03:30 pm

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"Hello, everyone. Today marks the end of the chaos. The nation has faced some tough times in the past couple months, from the first war we have lost in our history, to a missile being launched at us, as well as 2 devastating wars that almost starved the nation out of the materials it needs to survive. Today marks the end of it. After the wars have ended, we have taken the pieces and our nation has mostly rebuilt from the ashes. Infrastructure has been rebuilt, the military has been regaining its strength, and we have turned the tides of war against the weakest of the three nations who declared war on us. Now, mere weeks after the chaos, I implore to the nation, we will stand together in the worst of times, we will fight to the last, we will never surrender, and we will not stop until the Pacific is ours!