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End of war in sight

After winning 10+ nations of enemy alliance, Emperor Apoorv announces easing things up and end of war is in sight

By Emperor Apoorv
12/15/2021 05:40 pm
Updated: 12/15/2021 05:40 pm

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People of L-manburg!

I am happy but scared to announce that the end of war is in sight but this may not be the end

We suffered losses, infrastructure being detroyed, came back from almost dying and much more but that is what war is for

The end of war is in sight as we have defeated many nations but also have lost many from our side.

Currently the war's tide is looking at our side(in perespective to large nations and us)

But that wont be the end, alliances may fight once more to try their luck

Our mighty military will protect us

The war is still enraging and it would be better to say this as start of movie rather than the end.

currently 91% of our economy is going toward military and we are using more than our capabilities and are surviving at loots from other nations and with aids from our alliance.

We will ease things up a bit after the first round is over.

The military will be reduced to 
75000 soldiers
3000 tanks
375 aircrafts

30 ships.


But before the round 2 starts we will start militarizing again to max capabilities.

I also would like to announce complete success of our civilian training program

I would like to honor all the soldiers who lost their lives
95k+ soldiers
177 aircrafts
9 ships

May they enjoy their afterlife in the heaven.

Their contribution will never be forgotten.

Thank you all