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Missiles hits Ghosny, War Declared!

Hundreds killed, thousands injured and displaced.

By The Sly Telegram
12/07/2021 06:52 pm
Updated: 12/07/2021 06:52 pm

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The once peaceful streets of the capital city, Ghosny was shattered by a missile strike in the morning. The civilians of Ghosny ran for cover as air raid sirens blared after decades of silence. According to official government reports, an estimated of 212 civilians were killed while more than 3,321 civilians were injured in the cluster missile attack. Thousands were evacuated into designated bomb shelters while ambulances blared in the streets moving the dead and injured. The government of Slyvakia revealed the perpetrator to be The Indian United Republic. Officials designated this attack as a war crime and are currently working with the The Armed/Fighting Peacekeepers to counter this threat. War has been called and thousands are called out of reserves to the frontlines. Victory is certain.


Posted December 07, 2021 at 11:52 am

it's a tragedy!