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The Orbis Racing Championship puts new roster and rigistration In place for all subsequent races. New Embassies for Lazarussia open, Pärnu goes into reform?

By Pärnu News Broadcast [ PNB ]
04/27/2024 02:49 pm
Updated: 04/27/2024 02:49 pm

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June 22nd 2099

June 3rd 2099, the Lazarussian embassy opens in pärnu offering passport help, being an official ambassador building and a place for Euro-Sac currency conversions.  


O.R.C , new rules
The 2099 O.R.C Pärnu-Tartu Open Track race on the 30th of March failed to grab the attention of new sign-ups participants and was concluded early by the event organizers.

Only one national team for the race managed to secure a spot, that being Trito with the "Trito Lightnings" team name.

Trito will be defaulted into the next race. 
Other participents can sign up when O.R.C announces the next race (probably in 2100)

Pärnu, and Reform.
(Aino and Rodevs Representative)

Since October 25th 2091 (Also called the Pärnu October revolution) The government have been fighting a battle internally and for over 10 years (rp) several proposal have been made in and outside of Pärnu.

The polarising battles between Socialist and communist supporters in the government Hall came to ahead in the early months as Aino Rebane (Socialist Party leader) settled with a majority to concede a joint reform of the political and military System of government.

The full draft, Last updated a month ago, has not been published but snippet are available to some organizations such as Pärnu News Broadcast.

The Reform begins with an exposé on the inner-disruption that the change of government on October 25th made.

The proclamation of Aino as "Socialist Party Leader" unsettled several former ministers that were "impacted" by the event.

Later on, the draft reads that many were "unclear" of what the changes actually meant as many were not outlined and were often challanged by parties.

(Military officer October 25th 2091)

If we conclude to today; while unofficial, the draft reform plan has been accepted by the majority of ministers and local leaders.

The draft as of today has completed:
• legalization of Pärnu currency and €8 currency abroad (such as in RoDevs)
• Pärnu Card program launch

If this plan continues: it is highly possible that Pärnu as a government is slowly going to transition to a Parliamentary Republic or 'Democratic Socialist Republic' However, Pärnu has also said that there could be Open votes to new political movements such as, Monarchy.

In conclusion, Pärnu News Broadcast was given access to snippet of the government's unofficial reform plan. It seems that slowly the plan has lead to some actual changes such as • Pärnu Cards • 8€ coin legalization. The Defence Minister Adney Moore has yet to release any news on if the military has also accepted new changes (as it is on the draft to do so)

(New military Logo seen on draft)


(Military personel photo)

The future of Pärnu looks uncertain but seeming as the government has survived so far, we can only hope that the best for the people will happen.

Aino has refused to comment

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