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Orbis Rally Returns for 2099 [sign up here]

The Orbis Rally Championship returns for 2099, this is the application bulletin.

By O.R.C
04/16/2024 11:42 pm
Updated: 04/16/2024 11:43 pm

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March 26th 2099

For the return of ORC, a rally race will take place in Tartu [Estonia FSI, Registered Pärnu rally course] 77c125a2d05fef939b5dd02a162bdc93b98b4ae5x876.jpg

Unlike other races held by ORC, this race will standardise the vehicle used. This being the Toyota GR Yaris Rally1.

The quickest time to complete the stages wins the rally. The rally will take 5 hours.

For ticket, track lists and info see:

There are 25 entries available to this competition.
The following is the reward system: 
1st. $2,000,000
2nd. $1,000,000
3rd. $500,000
4th. $250,000
5th. $100,000
6th-25th $50,000

To sign up reply to this bulletin in this format:
Team Name:
Team color:

(Yes it's as Simple as that)

Rally start March 30th 2099


[ ORC might consider Rally Certificates for prolonged championship competition with Registration]   

Sponsors found at bottom of the page here

United Imperial Bank, Bepis, Bartopia, Ankka 


Posted April 17, 2024 at 2:14 pm

Team Name: Trito Lightnings 
Team color: Red