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The Second Republic of the Netherlands.

By Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
02/16/2024 08:56 pm
Updated: 05/25/2024 06:34 pm

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Welcome to The Office of National Information.

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An image of Paleis Zeezicht, Amsterdam for illustration purposes.

Political Information:

Full Country Name: The Second Republic of the Netherlands.
Short Country Name: Dutch Republic.
Capital City: Amsterdam.
Form of Government: Constitutional Republic.
Ideology: Capitalist, Democracy.

Ruling Party: Partij voor de Nationale Eenheid.
Coalition Parties: Partij voor de Nationale Eenheid, Liberaal Democratische Partij, Partij voor de Landbouw.
Social Policies: Moderate.
Economic Policies: Far Right.

Government of the Dutch Republic:


President of the Dutch Republic: Bart De Jager. 
Vice President of the Dutch Republic: Niels Meulman. 

Representative for the South American Provinces: Roy Silva. 
Representative for the Asian Provinces: Amelia Ribeiro. 

Minister of the Interior: Liene van Lohuizen. 
Minister of Nature, Agriculture and Animals: Walter Nijberg. 
Minister of Defense: Marnix De Graaf. 
Minister of Climate: Sieb Olsman. 
Minister of Education, Culture and Science: Karlijn van Winsum. 
Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs: Valerie Loggen. 
Minister of Foreign and Space Affairs: Bart Wolterman. 
Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport: Ton Grimmerink. 
Minister of Infrastructure, Water Management and Transport: Thomas Weber. 
Minister of Justice and Security: Nikolaj Bakker. 
Minister of Social Affairs and Employment: Silvia Venebrug. 

Date of Inauguration: 09-07-2099.

Political Parties in the Netherlands:

Partij voor de Nationale Eenheid:

  • Leader: Luuk Visser. 
  • Social Policies: Conservative.
  • Economic Policies: Extreme Right.

Liberaal Democratische Partij:

  • Leader: Bart De Jager. 
  • Social Policies: Moderate. 
  • Economic Policies: Right.

Verenigd Christelijk Blok:

  • Leader: Max de Groot. 
  • Social Policies: Conservative. 
  • Economic Policies: Moderate.

Socialistisch Volksfront:

  • Leader: Hugo de Jong. 
  • Social Policies: Moderate. 
  • Economic Policies: Extreme Left.

The Distribution of Seats in the Assembly of Representatives and Senate:


The Assembly of Representatives (200 Seats)

  • Liberaal Democratische Partij: 110.
  • Verenigd Christelijk Blok: 6.
  • Partij voor de Nationale Eenheid: 80.
  • Socialistisch Volksfront: 4.

The Senate (100 Seats)

  • Liberaal Democratische Partij: 57.
  • Verenigd Christelijk Blok: 1.
  • Partij voor de Nationale Eenheid: 40.
  • Socialistisch Volksfront: 2.

Economic Information:

Trade Policy: Free Trade.
Foreign Policy: Open Diplomacy.

Capital City: Apeldoorn.
Other Major Cities: Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Brussel, Duinkerke, Rijssel, Paramaribo, Ningbo.

Currency: Nederlandse Gulden.
Main Form of Income: Taxes.
Other Forms of Income: Oil Production, Uranium Mining.
GDP: 9.76 Trillion USD. 

Largest Companies in the Netherlands:

  •  Name: ASML.
    CEO: Peter De Ruyter.
    Value: 420 Billion OBD. 
    Industry: Supplier for Semiconductor Industry/Chip Production Industry (not the food).
  •  Name: Airbus.
    CEO: Tom Maximus.
    Value: 180 Billion OBD.
    Industry: Airplane Production.
  • Name: Heineken.
    CEO: Adriaan Pils.
    Value: 100 Billion OBD.
    Industry: Beer Brewing.
  •  Name: ING Groep.
    CEO: Steven van Stoep.
    Value: 60 Billion OBD.
    Industry: Banking.
  • Name: Ahold Delhaize.
    CEO: Frans Hans.
    Value: 40 Billion OBD.
    Industry: Food/Retail.
  • Name: Philips.
    CEO: Jacob Roys.
    Value: 24 Billion OBD.
    Industry: Lamp production.
  • Name: Tulip Industries.
    CEO: Rick Kramer.
    Value: 17 Billion OBD.
    Industry: Fast Food/PMC.

Ethnic Information:

Population: 383 Million People.
Dominant Ethnic Group: Dutch.
Ethnic Minorities: Chinese, French, German, Spanish.

Main Official Language: Dutch.
Other Official Languages: English, German, Mandarin. 

Dominant Religion: Non Religious.
Religious Minorities: Protestantism, Catholicism, Islam, Folk Religion.

Military Information:

Military Name: Het Nederlandse Staatsleger. 
Ground Forces Name: De Staatslandmacht. 
Air Force Name: De Staatsluchtmacht. 
Navy Name: De Staatsmarine. 
(Nuclear) Missile Corps Name: Het Staatsafweerarsenaal. 
Intelligence Agency Name: De Staatsinlichtingen en Veiligheidsdienst. 

Opperbevelhebber van de Krijgsmacht: Luuk Visser. 
Hoofdcommandant van de Staatslandmacht: Jeffrey Konings. 
Bevelhebber van de Staatsluchtmacht: André 't Loo. 
Grootadmiraal van de Staatsmarine Katrien de Lange. 
Hoofd Inlichtingen en Veiligheid: Lukas Schmidt.

Military Size and Equipment:



National Modifiers:





Map of the Second Republic of the Netherlands:



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