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Fire Lord Iroh Celebrates Peace

Peace Celebration

By Highlandia News Network
02/02/2024 08:33 am
Updated: 02/02/2024 08:33 am

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Fire Lord Iroh is proud to announce to the people of Highlandia that there is now peace in the world of Orbis. Fire Lord Iroh was happy to be able to lower the flag of war and raise the flag of peace to give the people hope of future prosperity. Fire Lord Iroh had this to say:

"My fellow Highlandians, today is an auspicious day as we enter a new era of peace. Our soldiers fought long and hard, in fact they fought so hard we were able to raise a new city without worry of it being destroyed. I am proud of the men who went over seas who fought and made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation. Now that this dark period is behind us we can rebuild and look forward to see Highlandia soar even higher.

Highlandia News Network is proud to be the first to announce to the nation that the Fire Lord has issued peace and declares that the next 7 days there is to be celebrations and games. Starting with a military parade supporting our troops. We hope the nation enjoys this wonderous occasion.