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New Ghaza Sunbirds OMLB Recap

The Sunbirds finish 10-11 in their Orbis Major League Baseball (OMLB) league inaugural season after a 2-7 start.

By New Ghaza National News
01/25/2024 10:13 pm
Updated: 01/25/2024 10:16 pm

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The New Ghaza Sunbirds participated in the Orbis Major League Baseball league's Season 3 for their inaugural season in the majors. They finished with a record of 10-11 in the Heritage Conference after a 2-7 start to the season. 

After a rocky start, the Sunbirds found their footing in the league and began to beat the tougher teams in their conference. Pedro Cortorreal pitched very well in the second half of the season and the bats for the Sunbirds caught fire down the stretch.

Minister of Sport, Mostafa Zayed, mentioned at the beginning of the season that a larger investment was going to be put into this team and baseball programs around the country. Over the course of the season, New Ghaza invested over $35 million in stadium infrastructure and youth programs.

"We're incredibly proud of the way the Sunbirds showed up in their inaugural season in the majors. This is the first time we were able to showcase our talents in New Ghaza against some of the best competition in the world. Going 8-4 down the stretch to finish 10-11 just showed how resilient this team is and can be and we're looking forward to their success in the coming seasons of the OMLB."



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Out of all the sports Alex could have put into this game when he was making it he chose baseball smh