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Official Census of National Armed Forces| Bangladesh Military Census


By Official Census by Bangladesh Government
01/03/2024 08:12 pm
Updated: 04/15/2024 02:31 pm

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Official Military Census by The Bangladesh Government(UOI):

Bangladesh Army


Personnel: Active Soldiers: 725k 
 Reserved Soldiers: 2 million


 Arms used by the army:: AK47, AK147, Mauser Sp66, M24 Sniper, INSAS LMG, FS80, Glock 19, Glock 17, M1917, MSMC submachine gun,

 REO-Modded (P.R.B made), Rapid Fire Submachine Gun Model V or RFSM V (P.R.B made), HFRS 2085 (P.R.B made Heavy Machine Gun modded), SUIS Modded (P.R.B made sniper with modded heat vision and laser pointer) 

Rapid Firing Rifle Model A 36(carbon fibre edition) or RFRA 36A (Carbon Fibre Edition)




Heavy Tanks: T87s, M103 Heavy Tank, T90s, T72, Vijayanta, Arjun Mk1,
 Rudranil Mk1 (P.R.B made), Rudranil Mk 2 (P.R.B made). 

Medium Tanks: T54, Devapala Medium Tank (P.R.B made). 

Light Tanks: Zorawar, Rashmoni R1 and R5 (P.R.B made) 

Hybrid Tanks: ATTH-1 All-Terrain Tank Hybrid(by green land)

Military Vehicles: over 11k


including: artilleries, transport vehicles, supply vehicles, rocket artillery systems, tactical ballistic missile systems, missile launch vehicles, mobile launch platforms etc etc.

Navy: Ships (Total): 82

Corvettes: 10
 Submarines: 10
Destroyers: 12
 Battleships: 12 
Aircraft Carrier: 1 (P.R.B made Hoogly Class LSM) 
Frigates: 12
 Patrolling Ships: 13
 Support Vessels: 5 

 Total Aircraft: 580(only active)


 Jets: 240 (HAL TEJAS, Rafale, Sukhoi Su-30 MKI, Akash - P.R.B made, DFJ-10)

 Bombers: 140 (Mirage 2000, Mig 27, HAL Tejas, SB-3;
 Akramon S-1 - P.R.B made for testing purposes) 

Interceptors and Support Aircraft: 200 

(Indra 845 Laser Accurate Missiles - ILAM 845 - P.R.B made, 
Parvati 3274 Target Lock Sonic Missile - PSM TL3274 - P.R.B made, 
IA-06, IA-12)

 Missiles: Types: 5 non-nuclear types Specifics: Rudra Series Missiles used for surface, sea, and air applications, employed by various P.R.B vehicles. Note: The missile capabilities and specifics are classified, for national safety purposes.

government has decided not to give detailed information on the number of missiles in possession. 

P.R.B governance officially makes an oath of non-nuclear capabilities.


This will be updated over time by the Government of Bangladesh


Posted January 03, 2024 at 2:24 pm