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The Golden Horde November 2023 Update

Newsletter #3: Giving Thanks & Interview with Floyd, High Khan of the Treasury

By Salvarity
12/06/2023 11:38 pm
Updated: 12/06/2023 11:38 pm

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The Golden Horde

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Membership: 19

Rank: 44 | Score: 107,890


Great Khan: Buorhann

Beklare-Bek: Itachi


High Khan of Foreign Affairs: Kastor

High Khan of Internal Affairs: Adam

High Khan of Military Affairs: Pablo

High Khan of the Treasury: Floyd


Delegate of Internal Affairs: Salvarity

Delegate of Military Affairs: Henry

Delegate of Military Affairs: Sir Scarfalot

Delegate of the Treasury: Viselli

Individual Profile - Floyd

Current High Khan of the Treasury (Econ) for The Golden Horde.


Salvarity: Hello Floyd! Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. It's been a while since we last spoke and this should be your first time on the interview circuit

But first things first, can you introduce yourself a bit? How long have you been Floyd? Any past names?


Floyd: Hey Salvy! Thank you for having me tonight and yeah, it's the first time.

Certainly! I go by "Floyd"  on Discord & "Henry Chinanski" in-game, and forums. No past names to mention.


Salvarity: And you've been in TGH for a few months now, coming over from Requiem? Any important places before then? 


Floyd: Nothing too crazy in the past. My journey began in Bourbon Street, followed by Rose. Later, I joined Requiem, which eventually transformed into The Golden Horde under Buo.


Salvarity: Any gov roles in those prior alliances, or is TGH your first attempt at the big leagues?


Floyd: I did some rather low-key advisory in Bourbon, then went into IA in Rose since econ was full. But there haven't been any high gov roles in any other aa, since im usually also missing the time, due to working full time. So yeah, TGH´s the first place where I got the opportunity to do high gov.


Salvarity: Do you find it challenging to balance your full time career along with PnW gov work?


Floyd: I find it quite enjoyable here at TGH because the atmosphere is generally laid-back. There's no constant pressure to engage in alliance tasks, but when the need arises, we effortlessly come together, brainstorm, and efficiently tackle whatever needs to be accomplished. And I think this goes for almost all the folks in TGH. Recognizing that everyone has their own responsibilities, be it work or family commitments, there's a shared understanding that occasionally, some may have a bit less time for the game, while at other times, a bit more. It's a flexible and understanding environment I would say.


Salvarity: Yep, I can definitely feel that positive government environment in TGH now. If only we can get Bour to stop pinging everyone

But let's talk about PnW in general before coming back to TGH. 

What do you enjoy the most about the game, the least?


Floyd: Hahaha, true! Buo has a thing for @everyone pings.

My favorite aspect of PnW undoubtedly lies in its incredible community. The diverse and often amusing encounters with people worldwide create a unique and safe space amidst the tumult of the real world. While there isn't much I dislike about the game, slow periods, marked by stashing goods and monotonous AA spheres, can be a bit dull. 

I think all of us at TGH like a bit more action, which is also kind of why we got together in the first place.


Salvarity: Interested in shaking up the politics and war I see. Hard to do from the Econ side of things though. Gotta ask though, if you weren't in Econ, where would you be?


Floyd: Absolutely, we always are! I'm not the best fighter, to be honest, but I'm learning with every war and battle we engage in. We have some amazing Military Affairs folks who excel at coordinating everything, so I don't think I would be a good spokesperson for this department. On the other hand, I lack the time and/or knowledge for Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs, I guess. 

So, I wouldn't be able to do justice to those departments. However, looking at the individuals, including you, who are giving their all, I don't have any doubts that you all got this. If I weren't in the economic department for TGH, I'd likely contribute in a more relaxed role, perhaps something akin to a Consigliere, offering advice on various topics - just for some outside-the-box thinking.


Salvarity: Perhaps in the future, after your career is done. Advisors always have a place in the game after all.

But, let's talk more about TGH.

Who do you like working with the most? Any major accomplishments you want to brag about in our past 6 months?


Floyd: I genuinely enjoy working with all government members; the camaraderie is fantastic. Our achievement of hitting the 20-player mark is a source of pride, and looking ahead, we expect rapid growth in the next six months, with plans to reinforce our identity and capabilities.


Salvarity: More growth is always exciting, I imagine you're excited about the growth to our tax revenue mostly. But, anything else you'd like to share about TGH's future plans?


Floyd: You got me, haha! I mean, our taxes are comparatively low when you look at other alliances. However, we're still striving to make the best out of it and contribute back to the community. I believe the future holds many great things for us at TGH, so I don't want to diminish the anticipation we're creating on Orbis currently. In this regard, I would say less is more, but stay tuned!


Salvarity: Keep your secrets, I'm sure we'll all find out soon!

But, let's talk about you as a person then Floyd.

Do you drink and if so what’s your favorite drink?


Floyd: Sure! Yes, I do enjoy the occasional drink, especially when celebrating something with a good wine, champagne, or prosecco. A passionfruit/orange cocktail with tequila holds a special place in my heart, as my wife got me drunk on our first date with it.

But most of the time I'm sticking with rather non alcoholic beverages. And I may make myself unpopular among the others with the following statement, but I hate fizzy drinks like Dr. Pepper or Coke.


Salvarity: Definitely killing my vibe here Floyd, I love Dr. Pepper personally

What are some of your hobbies?

Aside from being a hater


Floyd: Lol! You got me there.

In terms of hobbies, I'm passionate about oldtimers/youngtimers, particularly Porsche 911s (964s). As for entertainment, I'm an avid reader, with Bukowski being my favorite author. Some might have caught that, because "Henry Chinanski" is Bukowski´s alter ego in his novels - this is also where my ingame name comes from. Also, pretty obvious - my profile picture. 


Salvarity: Fascinating, this is my first time hearing of Bukowski, might have to check out his stuff after this.

Any future works that you're looking forward to?


Floyd: I think you would definitely enjoy his books and poems - they are quite raw!

And this might be a communication misunderstanding since I'm not a native speaker, but if you're referring to books, Bukowski is unfortunately no longer with us, so there won't be anything new in the future (unless he's hiding somewhere in Brazil lol!). If you meant in a general sense, then no, nothing specific. I'm just delighted to see where this journey takes us, and hopefully, we can enjoy the ride together as the fantastic group of people that we are at TGH.


Salvarity: You never know what the jungles might hold.

But, I think that's a fantastic last word to end on. Thank you so much for your time Floyd!

Giving Thanks

The fourth Thursday of November marks the beginning of sacred time, those most pious of Americans and their unwilling alliance mates are brought into the embrace of a most wonderful American tradition. Fake sales and non-stop advertising. While Politics and War has definitely embraced the fake sales and you’re actively reading an advertisement, we’ve also decided to start a new tradition. Giving thanks.


Here’s what the members of The Golden Horde are thankful for, inside and out of PnW.


“I’m thankful for having a solid group of players who have been willing to step up and do what’s needed.  Each one knows what they’re doing and it makes me looking forward to logging in to work alongside with them.

I’m thankful for my family.  They’ve been very supportive of me.  And obviously my 1 year old is amazing to watch him learn.”


“I’m thankful for the badass hard workers of The Golden Horde!”


“I’m thankful for all the people we are in the alliance, the community we have formed and the commitment we have shown.”


“I'm thankful that despite all the !@#$ in this game I've met some really solid folks that keep me coming back”


“I am thankful for being in an alliance where everyone has each other’s backs”

~Henry the Navigator

“Im thankful that im not in the syndicate”


“I'm thankful for the community that the staff have set up for me that have saved me from the sea of other (inferior) alliances and giving me protection from war.”


One thing that I’m thankful for is always tomorrow. While tomorrow is never guaranteed for anyone tomorrow allows for an endless of possibilities. Without the possibility of tomorrow ever being there people wouldn’t have anything to hope for or look forward to. If today was bad tomorrow could always be better. We all have the possibility to make tomorrow what we want to be.”


“ I’m thankful for missiles🙂”

~Sir Scarfalot

“Right now I’m thankful for vodka cranberries”



  • The Alliance Discord server had 4,401 messages sent in September and 3,331 in October
  • Our Econ department completed a full alliance rebuild, following Global War 28, in September
  • Negativemobility of Purgatory was named top raider for the month of October
  • Adam and Kastor switched positions in November. Kastor now heading Foreign Affairs while Adam leads Internal Affairs