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Unveiling the 2130 Development Plan for the Peoples Republic of Bengal

2130 Plan

By Times of Bangladesh
11/27/2023 09:43 pm
Updated: 11/27/2023 09:45 pm

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Date: July 24, 2094weather_sun.png

The Peoples Republic of Bengal/Bangladesh Government has taken a bold step toward becoming a developed nation by 2130 with the comprehensive 2130 Plan. This transformative initiative spans across various sectors, aiming to foster education, innovation, infrastructure, and economic growth.
The Government has officially released 2130 Plan to the Public

1. Education Revamp (2094-2096):

The journey begins with a groundbreaking overhaul of the education system, establishing the Bangladesh Central Board of Education (B.C.B.E). This centralized board becomes the sole authority, unifying both private and government schools under a modern-oriented curriculum. The focus on Mathematics, Science, and English is intensified, and early education incorporates interactive methods like toys, plays, and stories.

Middle school introduces advanced teaching tools, including computers, to enhance technological literacy. High school years (class 7 to 12) are crucial, with highly qualified teachers mandated to have a Masters of Education (M.E) or Doctorate of Education (D.E). Special attention is given to struggling students, offering additional sessions and specialized tests like the Bangladesh Science Curriculum Test (BSCT) and Bangladesh Math Mock Test (BMMT).

In class 9, students can choose their subjects, while engineering and medical streams have specific entry criteria. The government invests heavily in Engineering and Medical Universities, establishing Calcutta National University and Grand University of Lucknow.

2. Transportation Revolution(2095-2100:

The New Railway Project of Bangladesh (N.R.P.B) is introduced, replacing the halted Durgapur Project. The formation of Northern Bangladesh Railway Corporation and Eastern Bangladesh Railway Corporation, joint ventures of government and private entities, aims to connect the entire nation before 2110.

3. Reaching Space with Domestic Technology(before 2130):

Bangladesh aims to assert its presence in space exploration by launching its first Bangla-made satellite into orbit by 2130. 

4. West Bengal Ports(2095-2115):

Three major ports are set to boost trade along the coastline, including the Mahān Kôlkātā Bandar (Grand Port of Calcutta), Ālam Bār Bandar (Alam Bar Port of Bangladesh), and Boṛ Dôkṣiṇ Kôlkātā Boṅgōpōsāgara Bandar (Boro Bay of South Calcutta Port).

5. Tax Revolution and Reduction of Government Spending and Corruption(before 2120):

Measures include transparency and accountability reforms, digitalization, budgetary reforms, and international cooperation to combat corruption. The introduction of Bangladesh Goods and Service Tax (B.G.S.T) and digital banking tax aims to streamline the taxation system.

6. Digital Banking Revolution(before 2130):

Aiming for a completely digitalized banking system by 2130, individuals will use Digital Bank Service Certificates (D.B.S.C) for transactions and loans. This initiative simplifies digital payments and enhances financial inclusion.

7. Industrial Revolution(2095):

The Central Bank of Bengal (C.B.B) will facilitate loans for industrialists, encouraging the establishment of more factories. Special incentives, including reduced interest rates and land tax, will support new industrial ventures.

8. Infrastructure Revolution(2095-2130):

Infrastructural development will witness the integration of robotics, making the nation's infrastructure on par with developed nations.

9. Robotic Industry Bloom Program(before 2130):

International competition in the domestic robotic industry is encouraged, with tax cuts and benefits for companies manufacturing robots within the country.

10. Trade Company Cooperation(2094):

International trading companies are welcomed, aided by Bengal Trade Cooperation. Low duties and taxes, along with assistance in building factories, aim to establish Bengal/Bangladesh as a global trading hub.

The 2130 Plan sets the stage for a progressive, connected, and economically vibrant future for the People's Republic of Bengal/Bangladesh. The nation anticipates realizing these ambitious goals and standing as a beacon of development in the years to come.
The Aim is to become the most developed nation in the Union of India and also have huge impact on Orbis 


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Very gud

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Also, great improvement plan, Bengal. We sure are alike.

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