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By John M Keynes
08/17/2021 06:57 pm
Updated: 01/27/2023 09:45 pm

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What did you just launch at me, mate? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class from the Cataclysm Class of Politics and War, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Rose and TKR at its height, and I have won over 500 confirmed successful wars. I am trained in gorilla attrition and raiding and I’m one of the top raiders in the entire Orbis armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you out with precision with the likes of which has never been seen before on Orbis, mark my words. You think you can get away with raiding me in Orbis? Think again, mate. As we speak, I am contacting my secret network of spies across many spheres and your nation ID is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your alliance. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with munition-less ground attacks. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed attrition combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of Orbis and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable alliance off the face of Orbis. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” raid was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your missile. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price. I will launch nukes all over your alliance and you will drown in it. As John Maynard Keynes once said, “In the long run, we're all dead.” You are dead kiddo and so is your alliance. 


Main Server War Achievements

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Sphere Signatories: The Hedge Money Accords and Hollywood

Conflict NameWar OutcomeFinal Stats
The Ten-Day War*Victory

Net Damage: $309,848,501.25

Damage Dealt: $490,029,616.19

Duck HuntVictory

Net Damage: $2.23 Billion

Damage Dealt: $2.99 Billion

Arctic's First TimeWhite Peace

Net Damage: $56,009,090.35

Damage Dealt: $96,419,871.70


Net Damage: $840.31 Million

Damage Dealt: $1.19 Billion

Guns & RosesWhite Peace

Net Damage: $2.06 Billion

Damage Dealt: $3.27 Billion

99942 Apophis

Conflict NameWar OutcomeFinal Stats
'Tis But A ScratchVictory

Net Damage: $141.56 Million

Damage Dealt: $934.21 Million

Error 522*Victory

Net Damage: $3,941,629,801.68

Damage Dealt: $2,528,471,184.99

Global War 24Victory

Net Damage: $4,304,387,347.21

Damage Dealt: $4,337,407,979.39



Sphere Signatories: Clock, Wayward

Conflict NameWar OutcomeFinal Stats
Armenia's RevengeWhite Peace

Net Damage: $1.77 Billion

Damage Dealt: $2.46 Billion

Rick's Last RollVictory

Net Damage: $1.92 Billion

Damage Dealt: $3.00 Billion

Global War 24Victory

Net Damage: $4,304,387,347.21

Damage Dealt: $4,337,407,979.39

Bifröst BlitzDefeat

Net Damage: $ 1,136,510,283.12

Damage Dealt: $ 3,440,645,070.63


Net Damage: $1,651,156,399

Damage Dealt: $2,712,402,175

Test Server Tournaments

Ducc News Nutwork Liberation Army


Sphere Signatories: DNN Bloc [Test Server Tournament]

Conflict NameWar OutcomeFinal Stats
Test Server TournamentVictory

Soldier Kills: 1,009,617.00

Tanks Destroyed: 57,234.00

Aircraft Destroyed: 4,156.00

Ships Sunk: 681.00

Infra Destroyed: 15,919.65

Money Looted: 466,221,126.09

Wars Won: 17.00