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Livonia Bans Fafukism Ideology

Livonian State Radio, International Broadcast

By Deputy Premier Livia the first
05/01/2021 03:55 am
Updated: 05/01/2021 04:08 am

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Part 2 

The Rise of Fafukism ideology



The Livonian Government worried with the increasing popularity of Fafukism ideology and with the establishment of Fafukist people's party in our country, we Livonia government worried that the millennials of our country will follow this global trend and will create the instability in our country. 

We hereby declare that the ideology of fafukism is BANNED in the Livonia Republic. 

Anyone who spreads the teachings and wears fafukist attributes will be jailed. 


Approved by, 

Livonian Deputy Premier 



Published by Livonian State Media