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Pärnu creates fractured state areas, aid and law

Pärnu created innitiative to aid un-occupied areas in the baltics.

By Pärnu News Broadcast [ PNB ]
08/23/2023 01:21 am
Updated: 08/23/2023 03:17 am

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May 22 2091

The Fractured State Innitiative [FSI] is a state protection scheme by The Republic of Pärnu.


The unclaimed areas of Estonia and Latvia In the baltics will come under the protection of volunters from aforementioned Estonia and Latvia under the command of Pärnu FSI police force and military officers. 


Estonia and Latvia have been without a long lasting continuous government for 77 years [OOC pnw bulletins started in 2014] and so with this initiative, any government that forms in Estonia/Latvia [OOC PNW nation] will be granted the right to legal ownership of their land.


After a government collapses, the FSI will take care of the fractured states and people until the foreseable future.

To note: FSI areas are not "Pärnu, Pärnu territory" Although, under an invading force and if threat is targeted towards Pärnu territory then Pärnu has the right to engage enemies in the fractured state areas. If Pärnu is not targeted for invasion then Pärnu has opportunity to see fit however It wants to approach the situation.

Invasion Defence/war state 
War with Estonia, Latvia areas that are not Pärnu territory won't be considered war with Pärnu ( along as Pärnu is not threatened )

Invading forces after astablishing control will have to agree to these terms under an agreement with the Fractured State Innitiative center in the most populus subdevision of land in the FSI area.

• Under the control of the invading / controlling government(s) the previous FSI areas now under control will have to conform to a lessened military force of maximum 1,000 assets per 100Km².

• Areas connected with pärnu territory must have 0 active millitary assets.

• A nation with a hostile ranking from Pärnu's nation relation Index will be withdrawn from legal holding and entrance into FSI states as a whole. (If changed relation while holding territory then diplomatic and/or military action will be taken.)

The Humanitarian mission
All people in the Fractured State areas are automatically granted a temporary Pärnu commercial license. Permanent citizenship is granted after 5 years of living/work in Pärnu without issue.


Depending on population in the region, Pärnu ilmavägi [airforce] planes [Lii-10H] 


will drop aid boxes containing; •water •Food •grain and other region specific supplies every 2nd month. 2nd month as Pärnu FSI centers will be the main workforce behind aid to every province via trucks and vans with supplies similar to the ilmavägi's.

What does this mean for the international community?
In short, with open migration, Pärnu industry will continue to grow and pärnu international port will increase in sea traffic bringing taxes to pärnu further growing the economy.


Pärnu port

This also means the legal grey-zone of these areas will finally be recognised as neutral territory and travelers will no longer be confused when travelling in or around these areas.

Legal note: Fractured State areas subject to minor laws of governing state, if no state is found the laws of pärnu is applied, this area however is not considered pärnu and should not be portrayed as Pärnu in media/cartography.

For those that didn't read/summary;
Pärnu has established areas of Estonia and Latvia as Fractured State areas apart of the Fractured State Innitiative that allows these areas to be subject to help and protection from pärnu while not being actually owned by Pärnu officially.
This helps the people of these areas live life without confusion as laws are under Pärnu until a government of the area is formed IF it ever will, as there have been many attmpts of baltic government but none are long lasting and this is what pärnu attempts to control. when there is no nation to control these provinces, Pärnu will protect and watch over them.

Thank you for reading
I started writing this at 3AM don't judge if I make no sense