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[rl] 1 year anniversary of Pärnu

[rl] 1 year anniversary of Pärnu

By Pärnu News Broadcast [ PNB ]
08/14/2023 03:28 pm
Updated: 08/14/2023 03:28 pm

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February 11th 2091

Pärnu is very happy to celebrate an entire year of Orbis! From the start to where we are now could not be possible if not for the bulletin community♡.


106 bulletins were released this year

The Pärnu website was edited and upgraded 44 times after launch on 30th September 5:58pm 2022

Flag changes:
Parnu flag [ 2082-2083 ]

This flag became the national flag after the previous was deemed too indistinguishable from the Shetland islands' flag and thus on the 4th of July 2082 [25th November 2022a.d] the Government changed the flag and PNB released a bulletin on why they did this.

[ Sep 8 2083- March 9 2085]  

On September 8th 2083 this became the national flag after a poll was conducted on a proposed flag [ see here ] but the results were 6(for) and 5(against) so the government compromised on this decision and created the flag used [ source ]

The Republic of Parnu's flag is currently this:
[ March 9th 2085- ]
February 17th is when Pärnu held another flag referendum, two flags were proposed that added a black border to the crest. Flag A had a thick border , flag B had a thin border. 
After counting votes the flag A beat flag B and beating those votes which preferred the original.
3 votes for the new designs and 3 to keep the original as Parliament voted on the new flag.
March 9th ] [ February 17 ]

See here for more info


2078-2088 (10yrs)
The national anthem was Säkkijärven polkkaa in Pärnu.

June 23rd 2088; Pärnu received a legally recognised national original anthem: Pärnua Laul 

And in celebration of that we have also decided to bring in a new song (not an anthem) but rather a symbol of Pärnu's musical sector 

It would be a missed opportunity if we didn't mention the Joseph Seed document that was released June 9th 2082  and details the evidence against Jospeh Seed and the court trial that struck Orbis at that time.

News Today
Lydia Kloidula commemorated as national legend by Government


There is much more Pärnu had been involved with this year, it would be crazy to summarise 100+ bulletins but as a Final message we want to say a thank you to everyone in Orbis for shaping RP into what it is, I've had allot of fun.


So as the fireworks above Pärnu will explode we will say our motto, 
For freedom!, ja maa!, ja mere!

Thank you for reading


Posted August 14, 2023 at 3:38 pm

Estoreasia Wishes A Happy Anniversary To Aino Rebane & The Republic Of Parnu!

Posted August 14, 2023 at 4:42 pm

 I will hit that record soon.


For Mama Pärnu!!!! 

Posted August 14, 2023 at 6:02 pm

Nice! My country Novorossiya was also one year but it my uneversery was in april, sadly my country colasped and now out of flames of Novorossiya Europian union came. Congrats with 1 year.