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Pärnu Prime Minister returnes to power

Prime Minister Aino Rebane takes Control again after Mayor of Pärnu city Joni Weino instated temporarily after Scandal.

By Pärnu News Broadcast [ PNB ]
07/28/2023 04:07 pm
Updated: 07/28/2023 04:08 pm

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July 22nd 2090

The Prime Minister (Aino Rebane) returns to power this evening as she has been come back from care in pulli after being ousted from Parliament may 22nd [ see here ].

During the governence of Joni, not allot changed in Pärnu apart from a flag change in "honour of Aino" and the people, saying that "Pärnu will return to itself when so does the Prime Minister" (Joni in Earlier PM talks)

The flag changed to the flag of Sauga (not replacing the flag but flying alongside it)


Now with Aino returning so does the great Pärnu flag and the Sauga flag being replaced.


With Aino returning, Joni and the Prime Minister has spent over €50,000,000+ on local industry, Military supply and infrastructure, possibly one of the biggest spendings in Pärnu since late 2082.

The GDP stands at : $1,252,265,897.00

Commerce Minister, Nora Mills, states; "Our main supplies are growing, Our economy is growing and the population is growing, however some cities have been lacking funding so the government plans to bolster the economy as fast as possible to care for places like Vändra and Cēsis."


In other news:
Laneranna comes "best flag" by Pärnu Vexillologists. b3fac940b8ebb44fcf8f0ccb723fbd5ae80717a9x754.png

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Aino Rebane!!!

She's The Iron Lady Of Parnu!

I Respect Her Very Much!!!!!!!!

I'm Very Happy!!! 😭😭 That Tears Came!

She's The Only Leader In Parnu!!!