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Prime minister temporarily aquited due to "roudy behaviour"


By Pärnu News Broadcast [ PNB ]
07/23/2023 01:54 pm
Updated: 07/23/2023 01:54 pm

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May 22 2090

Prime Minister "Aino Rebane" of The Republic of Pärnu has temporary left the job of Prime Minister as she has been forced to give the title to Joni Weno (Mayor or Pärnu city) because of "roudy behaviour" in Parliament house and places of residence.

Several people were concerned for Aino Rebane as it seemed that press confrences and meetings were conducted while she was drunk or inatentive, she has been refered to a "Pärnu healthcare+™" facility in Pulli

The new prime minister has been given the permission from Aino to instate any laws or changes necessary. Out of "respect" for Aino, Joni Weno had decided to instate a new flag and coat of arms during his occupation as "This Pärnu will not live up to the one of Aino and as such we should look at it differently"
The flag comes from Sauga Parish  and will return to the Pärnu flag after Aino is fit to rule again.


The government has released a proclomation on behalf of Aino;

Recently the acts of the Prime Minister of this realm has interfiered with professional standards in Parliament and in General life regarding leading this country, Alcoholism and other obscene acts have contrubuted to the Prime Minister’s referal to a health facility in Pulli, Joni Weno takes governence and Aino Rebane has forfieted her power to him until she comes back In a good state.

Joni will be initiating a temporary flag change for The Country however, the Pärnu flag ( The blue white cross with bear emblem on golden shield ) will still fly along with this flag.

Also there has been talk among several prominent people in Pärnu about rumours that The Republic of Pärnu will turn into a Monarchy. The government has not commented on this but as PNB (News) would you want to see Pärnu have a queen?

The Orbis memoriam flight has been put on hold, currently the plane sits at RoDevs (Oakland.Int) waiting for any confirmation from the OMF Organization responsible for this flight.

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Posted July 23, 2023 at 2:43 pm

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