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New military requirements - P.A.N.S makes mcdu software maditory.

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By Pärnu News Broadcast [ PNB ]
06/29/2023 09:51 pm
Updated: 06/29/2023 09:51 pm

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August 11, 2089


1. On May 5th of this year Adney Moore ( defence minister ) stated in a tweet that he will be quote "looking into" military legislation for Pärnu citizens.


But finally Today, the Pärnu government have decided on a law that makes it mandatory to serve atleast 2 years in the military for every 'fit and able pärnu citizen from the ages of 16-20'


Any people matching this criteria who don't join will face a minimum fine of €500 every month they don't act on joining ( a total of 24 months for €12,000. )

2. Another (admitedly not so controversial ) story that happened recently is that P.A.N.S (PÄRNU.AIR.NAVIGATION.SYSTEMS) 
has published some images and material with General Electric (GE) for the GE MCDU that several aircraft use for fight instrumentation, 


more specifically the 'P.A.N.S fully intergrated Emergency warning system' has now been intergrated into all aircraft serving flights into and from Pärnu.


This makes it easy for ATC operators to send out a "halt" Signal to all aircraft that are either in the airport or flying to the airport without issuing several verbal commands to planes that misshear the ATC.


In addition; P.A.N.S have stated that 'The MCDU emergency system should be an additional component to emergency protocol rather than the main method of use by ATC'

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