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Pärnu - Suomiland NAP

Pärnu and Suomiland sign a NAP , after PNB segment of Pärnu-Suomiland negativity explanation.

By Pärnu News Broadcast [ PNB ]
06/16/2023 04:20 pm
Updated: 06/16/2023 07:13 pm

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March 5th 2089


Depending on who you ask in Pärnu, you might see allot of citizens that outrite hate Suomiland. For people reading this for the first time, you ask yourself why, well simply, around December 2087 due to factors around "The Danube civil war" missiles were launched at Pärnu. Yes, missiles.

While the legacy of The Danube is "gone" so to speak, Suomiland is a sort of continuation of this reputation.

So Finally you understand the anger towards suomiland by the Pärnu people but it appears that all of this is about to change...

Because, pärnu and Suomilandd have formally agreed to a NAP ( None-aggresion-pact) thereby stopping the anti-suomiland sentiment atleast in the top layers of government and trade.

( front page, summary of NAP , signed "Viktoria" and "Aino. R"
March 5th

note: Prominent people expect this NAP to Last around five years (e.s.t 2094)


'For land, sea, air, and freedom.'

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