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Pärnu military plane emergency and Kabli agreement ICO

1. Pärnu military aircraft emergency landing at Pärnu Int. 2. ICO agreements signed in Pärnu

By Pärnu News Broadcast [ PNB ]
06/08/2023 03:28 pm
Updated: 06/08/2023 04:00 pm

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November 29th 2088



On Nov 17th 2088 a Pärnu military fighter aircraft departed from Tallinnn Int. Airport and headed for Pärnu int. Airport after a training mission. The plane was unnocompanied on it's way to pärnu [EEPU], while 5km away from Final approach the aircraft lost all engine power and The pilot ( 35 year old Matti Nonstunain )  noticed that the fuel gauge read 0% on both engines. 


He contacted Pärnu ATC and notified them of the situation, luckily he had not started the dessent yet and was still around 12,000 feet in the air, using his training and knowledge of the aircraft Matti managed to enter into a glidescope and approach the runway Final.

All aircraft had been halted at the airport during the initial emergency transmition from Matti so now he had a clear runway while the emergency services were standby on the taxiways off the runway.

The aircraft landed on the runway hard but Wasn't destroyed [ the glidescope was good enough to avoid a hard landing ] however the plane suffered a damaged right wing as it struck the ground after landing.

Matti was unscaved in this incident and nobody was hurt thanks to the P.A.N.S Systems and ATC.




The aircraft was a Pärnu manufactured aircraft based on the "SU-90 Mech" called the Pärnu lii-10 heavy. This aircraft has been in use since 2070 and provides the main potential behind the Pärnu air force [ilmavägi]

The aircraft needed substantial repairs on the tires and mid-wing areas aswell as the aforementioned right wing. It's estimated to be in opperation in 5 months (April 2089)

[International Commerce Organization]

The "Kabli agreements" are a new set of agreements/statutes for the ICO. These were signed in the Pärnu City of Kabli. These agreements are: 
The ICO agreements

Kabli Area
Each member of the ICO agrees to open borders to each other, with no visa checks. Border security of members are allowed to check ID's and the like in order to protect the nations in question. This does not apply to borders with non ICO members.
This agreement is signed in Kabli, Pärnu and is based on the Schengen Area of the EU.



Kabli Treaty on Maritime Borders
Each member of ICO agrees to allow ships of other members to enter their territorial waters, with the occasional security checks in compliance with the local laws. Fishing vessels must follow the laws on hunting aquatic species of the member state that controls the waters they are currently in (for example a Nyfolkian fishing ship needs to follow Canadian fishing laws if they are in Canadian waters).

Pärnu accepted into ICO bulletin


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