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State of Emergency Declared

Another nation, Novice attacked India

By India Daily
07/28/2021 04:23 am
Updated: 08/29/2021 01:56 pm

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New Delhi: After the attack of Dustien now Novice attacked India. Novice made a airstrike on India killing more than thousand soldiers. In retaliation India has successfully blockaded Novice. 

PM Tandava while addressing the nation said -

           "Today, India needs to stand united and stand for the country, I want to request every citizen of the country that in this difficult time, you should keep your trust in the brave army and government of the country. Some people have dared to cast an evil eye on our country, which is being given a befitting reply by the brave army of our country and till they return empty handed after conceding defeat, they will continue to get a befitting reply from our army. Jai Hind Jai Bharat"