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New flag and other news

A new Pärnu flag and a more local news from the Republic

By Pärnu News Broadcast [ PNB ]
02/15/2023 07:07 am
Updated: 02/15/2023 07:07 am

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March 9 2085


Today The Republic of Pärnu has officialy changed flag to design A.



In other news:

  1. Cybernetik augmentation surgery performed without a license is now a punishable offence, recently 2 people are in hospital awaiting treatment after broken battery cells burn skin due to back-alley surgery.

  2.Prices of goods rise as ships block suez canal. Pärnu chooses to remains neutral but calls for the open trade routes.

3. New format brings data problems for PRASF [ Pärnu Radiation And Science Foundation ] . Pärnu advertises U.C.O again 


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Posted February 15, 2023 at 11:49 am