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New Imperator Declared, Lord Windmark to Retire

Totem selected as the next Imperator

By Istandor on behalf of Lord Windmark
07/18/2021 12:02 am
Updated: 02/20/2022 06:51 pm

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The following is a message from Lord Windmark, Imperator of the Legion:

Sunday the 18th of July, I will officially resign as 1st Imperator of The Legion. I will be replaced by someone well known to you all and someone I trust completely with the future of The Legion in Totem. It has been a long and interesting road since I first made a general post in The Legion CN forums over 18 months ago, asking if there was any interest in helping me to migrate to PnW and help build a new community, and home for us over here. In that time we have risen from just an idea to an alliance of over 100 members and inside the top 15 alliances. It is fair to say everything I dreamed this alliance would become has been far exceeded by all the hard work of those who first answered that call 18 months ago, and by those new brothers we have picked up along the way. You all should really be so proud of your accomplishments.

The Legion has so much potential, and it has so much to offer its members and the world. I am confident that our story is only beginning and that we will rise higher, stronger, better. I never have been and still am, not interested in legacies however if I have given one thing in my time to you all I hope you will say it was stability, that my time will be remembered as a time where you as members could feel confident in the decisions of your government because you know we had your best interest at heart, that we built something here that will last forever. The community, the friendship, and the sheer enjoyment of logging on each and every day to spend even a few minutes with you all is something I have cherished, and as I wind down to becoming a regular member it is something I will continue to enjoy daily.

It was been one of the most challenging, but exciting experiences in my life to lead The Legion, and now that I am on my last day, I realize that it was one of the greatest honors. Thank you to all for your service, dedication and most of all friendship. It could not be done without you. 

Ave Legio! 



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