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Missile Struck Down in New United States Airspace

Missile Struck down in domestic airspace.

By Internet News Today
07/15/2021 05:37 pm
Updated: 07/15/2021 05:37 pm

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PITTSBURGH - Hours, Days, sometimes, Weeks. That’s how much the Department of Defense has been coordinating with multiple cities across the American homeland as the New United States of America fights for its own defense and fighting, home and abroad. 

However, missiles that were launched by enemy nations  were intercepted by the PHILADELPHIA-1 Defense system, marking another generation of American defense against missile strikes. 

When interviewing a person who works with the anti-missile defense system, this is what he had to say. ”Philly-1 has seen mostly positive results, so far. Sure, here and there they’ve dealt a considerable amount of damage, the amount of damage has been minimal, and we’ve been able to protect our fellow Americans from any danger from missiles.”

When President Randomdud was asked for a comment, he said this. 

“We’re working on all fronts for our American citizens, rather that be domestic or abroad, and I’m glad to say that we’re able to tell our citizens they can sleep easy tonight, as while the war rages on, they are able to enjoy life a bit more without the fear of strikes impacting this country.”