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O.R.C 2084 race score

See full leaderboard and time of the reace in majapahit

By O.R.C
01/12/2023 05:57 pm
Updated: 01/12/2023 05:57 pm

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January 31st 2084


Hello and welcome back to the O.R.C, after the sign up of 10 national teams we put them in the race at Majapahit's own International Circuit in Jakarta.



There is no need for me to type this out so here are the screenshot of the race!





Congrats to the winners!

The rewards will be given out in atleast the next 24hours, thanks for racing! And here is is the video.



Posted January 12, 2023 at 5:59 pm

It will also be put onto here whenever I have the time