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Pärnu flag change | Border demilitarised

The republic of Pärnu changes flag and de-militarised the border with Lunoria

By Pärnu News Broadcast [ PNB ]
12/31/2022 04:04 pm
Updated: 12/31/2022 04:04 pm

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September 8, 2083

Most of you clicked on this to hear about the flag so here is the new flag : 7141ef4c3b8f81aa7b9b0b4c0b85f145270feb79x149.png
The reason a new flag was designed was because the votes were actually really close. [ 5-6 ]
"Personally I like it, elements from nordic crosses ✅️ The bear crest ✅️
The only thing missing is the green however It doesn't seem to fit correctly, thurthermore i am willing to argue there should be no green as Pärnu us mostly a costal nation." - Sev Kiryl ( head of PNB ) 

see this bulletin for reference 

Border de-militarisation
After weeks of a hard border with Lunoria, councillors and governors have spoke and now border inspection , patrols and all "increased activity" have returned to a normal level. Today the sun sets on a road with no tanks. 

The Pärnu Defence Force had been reverted from a status of "high reaction" to "ready" 5de8b95b9386ce01b8f1f9eb06b39eb7b67c05c2x59.jpg

"Today is a good day, not just for us but for Orbis"-minister of defence 


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Posted December 31, 2022 at 4:06 pm


BEST FLAG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!