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A Message of Good Faith and Confidence

Prior to our Departure

By Commissar Maximus Democraticus
11/27/2022 11:31 pm
Updated: 11/27/2022 11:31 pm

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Dear Castle Camelot and all others whom this may concern,

I would like to wish you, and in particular the incoming leadership, the best of luck in the coming months and years. As Rimskaya prepares to leave the alliance and forge her own path alongside armies and unions of other states, the change in governance of Castle Camelot comes at a critical time.

Camelot as of now has stated they can make no promises and can only provide basic advice. This is acceptable, seeing as we may get off to a slow start as expected. It is unfortunate however that all our previous planning, the whole business idea by RoManic, had to be scrapped. That, to the RRC however, was a proper and expected event, and could very well have saved the Project from ignominy. I, with growing confidence, actually agree with that standpoint.

From hence forth, the alliance will be officially referred to as "The Aequitas International", and is set to be comprised of multiple, autonomous factions, united under Aequitas to give them a voice in this monopolized world we call Orbis, an Alliance of Alliances. We are still looking for a Discord Representative, but it should be noted that they, along with any other future top government positions, must be a direct part of the alliance. Those not, may choose to merely affiliate with Aequitas, and remain in their home alliance. Such is the nature of our faction, to be unique in this highly bureaucratic world, as overarching and surpassing national and alliance governments, boundaries and borders: International, as the name suggests.

Let this be the quake of a new dawn in Orbis! All those who wish to join us, inform us IMMEDIATELY by any means necessary. We will be contacting those we can regularly. To revert to the original statement, an early farewell, and wish of good health and prosperity to Castle Camelot and all her affiliates.

Glory to all who stand for the people!

-Commissar Maximus Democraticus


Posted November 28, 2022 at 11:56 am

I might not.... be the rep.


I have better stuff to worry about on discord, sorry.