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The Republic of Pärnu changes flag

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By Pärnu News Broadcast (PNB)
11/25/2022 03:25 pm
Updated: 11/25/2022 03:42 pm

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July 2nd 2082 is when The Republic of Pärnu realised that while discovering foreign county flags there was a striking similarity between two particular ones.

The Republic of Pärnu's flag [ below ]
[ descendent from Pärnu county flag ]
And The Shetland Islands flag [ below ]

There is almost no difference between these two flags apart from a slight hue difference and placement of the horizontal stripe.

So today [ July 4th 2082 ] is the day we release the new flag!

This flag even has a brighter blue than the previous Pärnu flag further distinguishing it from the Shetland Islands.

The symbolism behind it 
There is a subtle change but the white shield is a symbol of Pärnu's defence centred military and neutral politics. The rope can be interpreted as a knot ships use to tie the boats to docks representing the fishing industry and old Viking settlements. It can also be viewed as an engraved horseshoe fortifying the mythology, along with people saying it looks like two tethered torches that with the shield represents protection of the "light" or "good" within citizens.

And along with the flag change there must come change of the news channel PNB [ Pärnu News Broadcaster ].

Here you can see the differences 


the new flag's hex colour is #0088D4

Excerpt from TV broadcast [ below ]
"In Unrelated news The Republic of Pärnu is still declaring an international crisis as radiation remains at an all year high, Information concerning the Joseph Seed trial has not surfaced with PARNUSOF officers increasing the National status to 'severe' as they say the likelihood of an attack on Pärnu grows each day. A cargo boat carrying €700 worth of !@#$ has been seized by the police along with firearms in the port of Virstu, this is PNB news good day and welcome to the daily forecast and first and foremost the internat-...."

[ note: this is the first flag change since the republic was founded 103 days ago ]

Thank you for reading.