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The first 5 years plan


By United Soviet Broadcast
10/19/2022 04:07 pm
Updated: 10/19/2022 05:26 pm

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Today on 17 April 2081

The USSR launched a new program to increase the industries of all the member states of the USSR significantly.

A new research comitee called the       "Soviet development Comitee" is established to help inventing new things to increase the production of nearly everything. This will greatly increase the standard of living in the USSR making the lifes of many workers even better than before.

Adding up to that, new cities will be constructed with the newly gained resources to prevent overpopulation, which might happen soon.

These cities will most likely follow the path of the Redicalish City of Stasigrad, a great example for all future cities being a high modern nearly emission free city benefitting the environment largely.

Roads/Railways will be modernised and expanded to conect all smaller settlements/ new cities and to make Driving safer

Some of the production goals for the 5 Years plan (for now)

  Increase GoalMeans increasing productionMeans decreasing production
Steel +30%SdC+ AgarthaLess pollution
Timber +10%SdCLess deforestation
Pollution -20%SdC + renewable energies + planting new trees (Sort of unfitting here)
Cities +12Construction+SdC/
Water + 200%Making saltwater drinkable/
Flesh +10%SdC /
Other food +100%SdC+ more land for Agriculture/

Shall the working class create an even stronger Soviet Union and shall the teachings of Karl Marx once again bring the working masses glory!


Posted June 17, 2023 at 5:33 am

Greetings Comrades

Posted July 13, 2023 at 7:59 pm

We the OPO would like to formally declare war on your alliance, effective at Server Update