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The wilderness...

Part 4!

By Unknown
10/02/2022 01:05 pm
Updated: 10/02/2022 03:51 pm

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He knew there was something out there.

Something lurking in the depths of the woods, where nobody ever thought to look because nobody ever entered the place. He only knew one person who liked the woods — not who liked them from the outside, but who actually wanted to be there.

And for that same person, he had to keep going, no matter the howling of distant wolves or the feeling that someone else was there, watching his every move.

He thought back to his brother's last message. He couldn't pick up where it was coming from — all he knew was that something was coming for him and maybe even both of them.

Maybe even all of humanity, he realized, shivering in the cold, damp fog of the woods.

The trees towered above like majestic monoliths above him, stretching almost as far as he could see when he looked up.

He was startled by a rustling in the bushes and tried to turn on his flashlight, but the batteries were dead and he didn't have extras. Freezing rain began to fall, chilling him to the bone.

A vaguely humanoid figure slowly walked out onto the small clearing in front of him, seemingly coming straight out of the shadows. It had no visible mouth or nose, but as it opened its eyes, he was terrified to see that they glowed a menacing crim on shade.

The exact color of blood, he thought.

He thought back to his brother's instructions — run, don't come here — and wished for a moment that he had followed them. Ten years in Luna's intelligence agency and this was one of the most terrifying things he'd seen in his life.

But he didn't flee; instead, he pulled out his only weapon — a gun, running quite low on ammunition, but that had enough to keep him safe.

He aimed and fired, hoping to get rid of the thing, but the bullet simply passed through it as if the entire creature was made of some strange, viscous liquid.

The beast stepped closer and he could have sworn that the liquid — or whatever it was — forming the being's face had pulled itself into a menacing smile.


These files are confidential and should not be shared or transferred by any means, including copying, photographs or any other method of transmission. The transmission of confidential files is a crime according to Code 196-XA91 § 134.

Name: Tobias Radcliffe

Status: Confirmed dead.

Notes: Fought under the old dictatorship during the War of Liberation; killed during the Battle of Ariadne whilst trying to defend a fellow soldier.



My eyes open to the safety of a cave — or at least, I hope it is safe. The shadows surrounding me bathe the place in darkness, and I shudder at the thought of the beast returning once again.

I only hope that my brother has stayed fsr away from these woods.

He seems different these days as well, as if we haven't seen each other for quite some time, but, no, that can't be. We were just speaking the other day, right?

I lift myself off the cold floor of the cave and stare into the relentless torrent outside. I can't go out now, especially not without any waterproof gear.

So, instead, I pick up two stones and a couple of loose twigs from the floor — thankfully, they're dry — and try to start a fire to stay warm.

I think I'm going to be here for a while.


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why baseball though

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