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Rimskaya Walking Fine Line of Diplomacy with Rocky Mountain Republic

Now a Nuclear Capable State

By Rimskaya State Publication Committee (R.S.P.C.)
09/27/2022 10:50 pm
Updated: 09/27/2022 10:51 pm

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After hearing the news of the R.M.R. becoming a nation armed with Nuclear Weapons, the population has begun to panic again. Rimskaya currently is not a nuclear armed stated, nor does it ever plan or desire to be, as our ideology entails the end of petty warfare outside that of the Revolution, and deems nuclear bombs and WMDs as criminal tactics.

Rimskaya continues to have cold but not state-of-war relations with the R.M.R. and is attempting to avoid confrontation with them at all costs, desiring not to have to pick up the hotline to Camelot as C.C. is already in their own war.

A minority has begun to call for Rimskaya to develop nuclear weapons, however this minority has faced expected backlash from the Socialist population, both in and out of the R.R.C.

Regardless, we will continue to avoid war at any viable cost, and assist our allies in any way we can, including food donations to those affected by war, including our complementary cookies. 

In other news, Rimskaya has heard of the incident in the Chaos Insurgency, however, it seemed a bit confusing, so we are wishing to send over investigators of our own (which will be accompanied by elite soldiers just in case it's some sort of elaborate trap) to try and sort out the situation.

The R.S.P.C. will likely publish some time early tomorrow EST before going dark due to a storm that may hit our broadcasting station. Good night comrades across the world. Eat the cookies. They really are wonderful :)


Posted September 28, 2022 at 3:12 am

Rest assured you and Cascadia are next on the nuclear hit list

Posted September 28, 2022 at 3:26 am

I wish you good luck RMR. I'm sure you can handle this without using nuclear weapons.