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Mogaza will need to go on war

War and soilders

By Mogaza kashmir Wali gaza
09/24/2022 11:54 pm
Updated: 09/24/2022 11:54 pm

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We are on war now im asking camelot help now we are going to first talk about army

And what are %

So we need to get ready

Please help mogaza to do its first time war

If you do message me and ill trade you 200 promise cause i have 200 food but its 1,000 something

ill do my best so please tell me if you think mogaza needs something to win

But how well depends on the pro guys who are best nation leaders in game

But if i need to do my first war i need to see which is week and which is not powerful then later mogaza will stop

Help us and make us have our first time!!!!