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Clashes in Coslands overnight over civil rights protests

An outrage in Coslands.

By Coslands National News (CNN)
09/16/2022 09:26 pm
Updated: 09/17/2022 03:17 pm

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  Last night, a large mob of people made of about 5000 men and women were out with their fire torches in the streets of Constantinople, with many of them surrounding the Sultan's Palace and trying to break the gates, soldiers opened fire on the crowds killing around 1700 men and 580 women. The protestors demands were to increase wages from 1,000 Coslands Lira ($250) and for the increased pollution in the nation due to bauxite mines and aluminum manufacturing buildings. 


   The protest started at 11pm March 16, 2080 and ended next morning at 4am, causing damage worth 8,000,000 Lira ($2,000,000) The government promised to find a solution to the problem before June 20th and established a workers law to increase the average wages to 2,500 Lira ($625).


Reporting the Constantinople, Coslands.