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World News Sucks Heres Why

There is a Reason Why so Few People use This.

By Chad
09/14/2022 06:49 pm
Updated: 09/14/2022 06:49 pm

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  1. ooc: (out of character) I don't have the energy to pull examples right now but people apparently have not figured out your meant to play a character. Or if they our playing a character  they our very very close to them irl with only a few tweaks. 
  2. Furries: I'm just making this a separate category but the running gun fights between pro and anti furry factions is one of the dumbest and least enjoyable parts of this for many many many people.
    3.  LGBTQ:  The same concept but the running  pro/anti LGBTQ factions is super super stale and incredibly boring and being incredibly cringe like go to twitter for that stuff if you want.
    4. Overused themes. the forums majority of content can be broken down into the two mentioned above nukes bad, war bad, viruses role play and a few others. Again being different is not a crime. try something new/experimental push some boundaries. 
    Well thats the end of Chad's rant today if i'm wrong tell me.


Posted September 14, 2022 at 11:54 pm

Thank you 

Posted September 14, 2022 at 11:54 pm

Dear I know, the very very first bulletin I ever made was about my Parliament and, like, they 'answered' back starting all of this

I just wanted to do a normal roleplay without having to explicitly say 'hey look at me, I'm a Furry' 

Its tiring...

Posted September 14, 2022 at 11:54 pm

You're talking about us not being different yet you've just ranted about the same stuff everyone else has : | 

Overall yes it is boring, which is why OBC was created and OOW. And ye furry war has gotten kinda stale 


Posted September 14, 2022 at 11:57 pm

As a quick respond to Zefronc statement if I missed a post simular to mine shoot me an in game message and I will look at it I only had time to read through 30/50 pages of posts so stuff got buried.

Posted September 15, 2022 at 12:11 am

I'd say that the LGBTQ+ thing wasn't even centered around roleplay; it's more that actual LGBTQ+ players, nations with LGBTQ+ leadership and several others were pretty displeased about people being homophobic, which originally began when a certain nation banned LGBTQ+ rights within RP, but this escalated to be more of a serious thing.

Honestly, the furry war was fun, but I do feel bad for the Furry Empire since I'm sure he's trying to just enjoy the game without it basically being a war over the existence of his nation.

Viruses are absolutely overdone. Even though I've only been doing anything with World News for one major outbreak, I have read the rest, and though writing about Niohama was interesting, I do think there have been enough at this point.

This is why I'm working on things like The Wilderness (which, if anyone's looked at it, will have more parts, because I'm absolutely not just ending the story there), because I'm trying to come up with more unique plots, and I want to make World News less repetitive in general. I also think that certain nations have made really unique stories; a few of my favorites to read are Nova Mundus and The Chaos Insurgency's bulletins, and then OOW as well.

Posted September 15, 2022 at 12:15 am

will say nyx I read the forest one you did and I was inpressed keep up the good work. 

Posted September 15, 2022 at 1:08 am

Thanks :)

Posted September 15, 2022 at 2:22 am

Yeah, I hear you I published a few things that you likely would like. Recently though I have published a bulletin tilted: On the State of Bulletins | Politics and War. A lot of people know it by now and if they don't, they do now but I am a bulletin activist you could say. I go in more detail in the above bulletin, but I am a fan of the potential World News has and I am super sad with how it has been wasted. I am also the Chief Founder of the Orbis Orbiter Weekly. Something I am really proud about. We are looking to bring the old people back to bulletins and make sure the best content is heard. I have so far published 5 editions and 1 mini edition, and I am looking forward to going for more. I am really glad that someone else so strongly shares my bulletin opinions though. 

Here are some of our best Editions: Legitamacy IN, Corruption OUT| OOW | Politics and War, The Furry Question| OOW | Politics and War


If you are interested, I am happy to talk about it in in-game messages. 

Posted September 15, 2022 at 12:45 pm

seriously a good wisdom that I had been waiting for centuries. Do you know what's the issue though?

regarding your out of character question, bulletins many times are used as an alternative to forums, for the sheer complicated structure of forums. 
This place is literal twitter. This place is supposed to be twitter. If there isn't some drama, then there is no good roleplay. I know, lgbt, homophobia and furrycide is really not what we should discuss, but what can you even expect? Homophobes many times roam without punishment and encourage more people to follow the same path. 

Killing furries is such popular, that the top bulletins once included killing furries. Here, people come to gain popularity. While I understand there are people who get popularity by good and honest means (eg: Elysian empire. Check him out if you want to, he pays a lot of dedication to his roleplay bulletins) but most gain popularity by infamous means.

I know many people who got famous by getting into dumb controversies, and by doing dumb stuff. Tbh, your bulletin won't change anything. I had written some articles regarding these before too. Nothing changed. 

I have done a lot of dumb stuff (getting into roleplay conflicts) and causing drama over pnw roleplay, and I know that what I did many times was wrong, but others, will need time to understand what their fault is. They are living in a bubble, and I used to live in one too. This only changed when covid kinda became non existent outta here and the time I got to visit the city of Kolkata after 2 years of lockdown. I understood what the outside world is, in summary I TOUCHED GRASS.

So the only possible solution is to make cringe roleplayers touch grass. I can guarantee you that the community will improve a lot better. Rp out here is toxic for reasons, reasons for how it operates. And no way are we able to solve this. Till the date the roleplayers wake up themselves and don't try to escape like I try to do, there is no way out.

I still appreciate your point. You belong to the group who actually spoke out of this sh*t happening outta here.

Posted September 15, 2022 at 2:30 pm

Honestly after reading bulletin after bulletin, (about this topic about bulletins becoming "stale" etc.) I think it accomplishes little. I do think that alot of the themes in RP right now are incredibly repetitive (including some of my own) Exclusivity to a single nation, when writing an rp storyline, is generally preferable to a whole host of nations because there is less margin for error if the OG knows what they are doing.

However, I do think people are kind of getting worked up over nothing, You guy's dont really care that much, but it also sounds like you do. Anyhow, people are over-reacting with some of these (Bulletin quality discussion bulletins) and largely in the comments, This is a good discussion on how this community can improve bulletins but like, my god, does it really matter?

Most of the cringe is from people who have not been here that long (like literally making alternative 9/11 bulletins) For other P&W players, the reasons you mentioned might be the reasons why people stay clear of bulletin rp, but I have not heard anything from the rest of players about it.

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