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Dark Times Centennial (Pt. 1 of 2)| OOW

Orbis Orbiter Weekly Edition #4

By High Lord RoManic
09/04/2022 12:26 am
Updated: 09/08/2022 03:05 pm

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Orbis Orbiter Weekly


                                                                                               Edition #4 Pg. 1

Hello again and welcome to Orbis Orbiter Weekly. If you are a little new that is alright you don’t need to know much to get the jist of things here. If you would like to look at our Edition #1 Intro Version, Click Here. As always, we are a longer bulletin publication, so feel free to skip to other sections! It is, in fact, encouraged. Remember to use our Table of Contents to locate your favorite sections easily. ENJOY!


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Table of Contents

Pg. 1- Intro, Ad, Table

Pg. 2- New Features, Main Story, Opinion (Fights of the Round Table)

Pg. 3- Economy Section (Sultan Derent)

Pg. 4-Comedy Section, Like Goal

Pg. 5- The End


                                            Edition #4 Pg. 2

NEW FEATURES: COMMENT POLLS! Yes, Comment Polls will be arriving to Orbis Orbiter Weekly with a comment in the bulletin comments asking a question that commenters can respond to and then these will be recorded in a poll that will be revealed in the next edition. I am very excited to roll this out! Today's question will ask “What is your Favorite Section? I Hope you Enjoy!


Main Story: Dark Times Centennial! (Pt. 1 of 2)

Written and edited by: Riimen Riter

OOW Studios, The Holy Tomb, VTS

    Our main catastrophe tonight is actually not a catastrophe. Well, it is but just not an immediate catastrophe. Today is the start of a two-week celebration of Vulcanties Dark Times Centennial. This is an official national holiday, and the garbage man is off work but of course I am not. Instead of hanging out with my loving family of 1 (myself) on this fine Saturday I will be giving you a fun dive into the history of Vulcanities. It is actually going to be a two parter this time around because we have so much to cover. Today we will be walking over Pre-Dark Times History then, you guessed it we will be going into Dark Times and Post Dark Times History. We have a lot of interesting material to cover today so let’s get to it. 

    Vulcanities was a very rare exception to the historical law that most nations were made up of ethnically diverse people that eventually came together and formed a nation and a national identity. Vulcanities was an ethnic minority in a majority that was for a long time associated with the Greeks and Romans. We only differed from them in one area. Vulcan or Hephaestus in Greece. We believed in a slight change of the classic religion and believed in one being. The Supreme God Vulcan. Vulcan or Hephaestus is the God of builders though the building is mainly Hephaestus. The Greeks had come to a peace with us after a little-known micro war led to a stand-off in a valley in which none charged due to the disadvantage of charging and the fact that no side had the numbers advantage. Many people believe that the Vulcan King at the time had a light form of Dementia and therefore misinterpreted the number and failed to charge. This treaty put us under the protection of the Greek City-State Athens. We shared many ideas and ideals with them, and we got along with them amiably enough. After the great plague that swept across the land of Athens, The Hefvesians as we were called were forced to flee and we lost anywhere from 20-35% of the population. A famous Hefvesian Poet Helloat stated, “Never a sadder, misfortuned day grace thy land/ our ancestors weep and our children die/ Many thy people die on the road and to the side while I lie/ sit idly by/ till patience meets death.” 

    We were a lost and adrift people for many years after this. Finally, a new power sprung up. Rome had begun. Sadly. all records of this time have been lost but based on current knowledge we believe that a famous Hefvesian profit had a vision instructing him to find Rome and bow to the leader. Then show his eyes to the man on the throne and our people would be saved. He did this and as legend goes his eyed flamed red and on the ground was inscribed Vulcan (Vvlcan). From then on Hephaestus was Vulcan and Vulcan was master. Theologians believe that Vulcan had presented the eruption of Pompeii and had a personal eruption that changed his being to the god of flame and forge we know today. Rome protected a small city on the far outskirts of Rome. Here we stayed for hundreds of years. We prospered for a long time until one fateful day. That day would later find infamy in Roman history. Reign of Nero: 64 A. D a fire broke out that soon became vicious and destroyed massive portions of the great city of Rome. Historians and people of the time would speculate on whether Nero started the fire. The most common theories for motive is Nero’s hate for Christians may have cause him to start the fire and blame it on Christians, Nero wanted more space to build a bigger palace and hot tub for which he realized he could get free real estate by killing everyone in the vicinity, and the final theory that has really been only proposed by Vulcanities is the killing of another Roman Power group (the Order of Vulcanties) which was founded by Vulcan people. The story goes to that Rome set the city ablaze to set a separate fire (which has been proven) in the town Vulcans were living in. Historians have traced the fire to 65 AD so it may be likely that the fire may have never been at the same time as The Great Fire. Historical speculation is ripe here and it has been the cause of many exhausting arguments. At the end of the day Vulcanties lost everything and her people fled and almost created a mini diaspora that would have sent Vulcans as far as Japan and Russia and maybe even Madagascar. Thankfully a brave leader whose name is lost to time organized the people and decided to migrate to our current area in Europe. 

    Vulcan theocrats have written of the great migration for many years. It has been the subject of Romantic Poetry, Novels, 500-page History Textbooks, and more. Finally, though, the prophesied migration happened. It took generations in which the people of Vulcan followed a practically nomadic lifestyle in which little to no knowledge was recorded. We have a little phrase in Vulcan though. “Moses lost!” It is a phrase many an old, retired war vet uses in Vulcanties to explain how we are superior to every other nation. You likely know but the phrase is meant to be a brag about how we made better time than Moses in getting to our promised land. It was indeed a land of promise with rolling hills and a warm breeze that soured over the winter months. With this new promise came renewed hope for the Vulcan culture, one that had descended into hectic mysticism. A golden age began with the people of Vulcanities witnessing a cultural resurgence unbeknownst to most. This period lasted for approximately 250 years. Famous writers, poets, artists, and musicians all flourished here, and things looked like they would never end. The restoration of the Vukar line of monarchs which is still going to this day and has suffered only minor interruptions since that time. We know the date of this time thanks to another famous poem this time written by the classical writer, Heturiad. “Upon a stone, upon a river, upon a cave that held the river, upon, upon, upon, lies a storied place of times known not but times knows. This place sits upon a tomb which lies deep in the center of the earth. Known, The Holy Tomb, birthed of the year DXXVI in the womb of the mistress of Vulcan. The Liberty Lady of old lore hath been brave to take the mantle of Vulcan upon her stomach and save thy people with the lonely moon and no bitter night…” (Excerpt from the Vizavecksid Volume II by Hecturiad). The reference to the city's age is another thing entirely and historians' debate upon whether this date was the formal formation of The Holy Tomb or a reference to when people actually found the area. Hecturiad would go on to say many things, but nothing would give us a further explanation of the date which in regular numerals is 526. 

    “All good may last, though the want for good is a key ingredient.” After this nearly 250 years of unrivaled culture and supremacy in the local lands Vulcanities got greedy, rich, and fat. Excess was starting to build up and people were starting to divide into distinct classes. The time period has been stated to be near 776 but the translation of the text that states this may have been muddied due to handwriting errors. The King at the time Vivex IV of the Vukar line was reigning at the time. His inheritance of the throne is slightly disputed because of the sudden death of his brother somewhat near the time of his father, Voksev the II, death leaving some historians believing that there was an elaborate assasignation plot. However, this is disputed due to the other side finding evidence that a virulent but not long-lasting disease had been spreading at the time explicitly in noble circles. Vivex IV was a heavy militarist and at the time he believed the only way to continue The Kingdom of Holy Vulca’s golden age was to attack neighbors. Over the next 25 years (Crowned at 23) Vivex IV prepared the army in cautious and careful steps. He had to practically rework the economy to fit militarism and started trading the stockpile of excess The Kingdom had gathered to other places to gain. By the time the whole Kingdom was practically changed to become a militaristic nationalism powerhouse an enemy had been knocking on the doorstep of The Kingdom. The Marese were a group of people that may have split off from The Kingdom or were already there. They, like us, choose to solely worship one God of the pantheon with their chosen being Mars god of war, armies, and other things… These were immensely skilled warriors that fought hard and never gave up ground. Famous battles were waged with these men and the armies who fought looked like boys in comparison (Friefval Collevt 1993 The Analysis of an Old Society). Vivex IV straight off of training heard a messenger approach him with the message he had been waiting for, the Marese were in attack position. The Battle of Future as it was called would decide the future of two great peoples for generations if not longer. The world held breath and said their respective prayers as the first cry filled the air… 





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[Riimen Riter walks in, and crowds go berserk. People cheer, mothers offer their children to be touched, and others offer other things…]

Riter: Wow, hey guys I see we are all ready for the fight of the century, eh! 

[Crowd continues to go insane]

Riter: Well, our first challengers in the right corner with three Ph.D.’s and two-time award winner of Smart Guy of the Day is weighing in at slightly short of anemic, it is the defender of the Vulcan Faith himself, the fighter for economic liberty, the… guy who did fancy math problems and stuff it’s Puri Revie A.K.A the Vulcaniun Stallion!

[Crowd goes wild to the point that security intervene in instances. Puri heads over to the Round Table to face his opponent]

Riter: Standing in the left corner at nearly 6’4 247 Pounds, has an MBA from two schools and currently is an underpaid secretary, it is the fighter for the right, the guardian of the beaten, the beat of fair street, it is Mr. V. R. Covunec!

[Crowd is riled up now the anticipation of the fight to come has so greatly exceeded the walls of this underground fighting cage. Covunec goes to take a seat at the Round Table directly opposite to Puri]

RIter: We all know the rules. You each get a minute to explain your position on a given international issue and the best argument wins. You must make the argument up on the spot. No paper or laptops. The Loser is of course…

Crowd: Burned!

Riter: Good God no, they are kindly sent back to their AP US History Class where they must sit and boil for the next 5 years of their life. Yeah, I guess it is burning then. 

[Both contestants face tightens at the mention of losing] 

Riter: The issue we will be running over today is whether or not the historical king Vivex IV gained his place rightfully. Puri you will be on Vivex’s side and will be going first. Covunec, you know what that means. Puri your 60 seconds start… NOW!

Puri: The... Umm… King Vivex IV was historically a kind person even during the wars he respected brotherhood and friendship above all other traits. HIs armies were inspired by him. There is no evidence that he had ever killed a dissident publicly. The case that Vivex IV killed his brother, or both his brother and his father would be highly irregular for him. By all accounts he deeply loved his brother and father and was devastated by the news. The best indicator that Vivex IV didn’t kill them was that the sickness that was plaguing people had finally caught up to someone inside the royal palace and it is likely that the King and his Oldest Son had interactions with that person in the 1-day span that the contagion could have spread. I would think this would immediately settle the case but for some reason no one buys it. Vivex just has a bad reputation that is all. If you read the accounts, you will find something truly different from the bloodthirsty man portrayed. Now that dim witter sitting next to me will likely address the few instances of bloodthirsty outbursts Vivex IV had. However, this would have been common practice for most royals back then and does not provide enough of a link to be able to fully say that Vivex killed members of his family. Thank You!  


Part 2 Will Come Out in Edition #5 which comes out Saturday 12PM Server Time. 


  Edition #4 Pg. 3


By: Sultan Derent

Welcome back to Orbis Orbiter Weekly! Once again, the famed Sultan Derent of the Parsedean Empire will give you the economy, presented in a small segment!


First is, Munitions once again! A slight increase at $1900


Next, we have Iron. Iron sits at $2600, a $200 decrease from before


Then is Gasoline, with another $100 increase to $2900

Coal, with a $300 decrease, currently sits at $2600

After that, we have Oil, at $2400, a $200 decrease

Lead in the boring part? Yes, it is! It decreased once again by $200, currently at $3400

Next up, we have the not-boring parts!

Steel is at $3600, and has finally surpassed Lead in price

Uranium has dropped to $3000 during the middle of the week but is currently at $3500, an (again?) $200 decrease

Food has an almost $30 increase, with the price at $180


Here's a doozy folks...

Prices here surpass $4000! Beware!

Aluminum continuing its price increase trend, currently at $4100


And our grand finale, Bauxite! With an enormous price increase of $500, AS I AM WRITING IT SITS AT $4400!!!!!


Oh yeah! Credits! But who's buying credits? Anyways, it's hovering around the $26 million mark.


With the crazy increase in Aluminum's price, and its incredible versatility and low production costs, it is very profitable! And speaking from a nation with aluminum as its main export, I've gotten like 5 million alone by selling aluminum! Thanks for listening and get back to reading!

 Edition #4 Pg. 4

Comedy Section: Comic Comments!

” I am ze explore of ze Western Oceans I have sailed all 5 sections of this edition and I have yet to find a comma!”

- Leif Irishen 

“God hath created many people and God hath claimed them all. They are all good except for this one. I promise it was a mistake! I did not intend to give Mary a second son!”

- God

” I can’t find it within me to cheer for this junk”

- Cheerleader



(The Like Goal is meant to be slightly hard to reach but if you like and leave a comment and we hit our like goal you could get lucky and be the one who wins 1 MILLION dollars! *) 

*Only one winner who is randomly selected in the comment's wins.

  Edition #4 Pg. 5

The End

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