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Ganymede Science Skyrocketing!

By Moon Lord Marcus Au Raa
09/01/2022 02:14 am
Updated: 09/01/2022 02:16 am

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Everyone wants to be immortal these days, right? Well guess what! Ganymede has figured it out! If you want immortality, it's only 37,845,678.99 Ganymedian Dog Treats a piece (Exchange Rate is 1 to 1)!

Just Kidding. But do you know what we have found? The science behind cheese-rockets! With this technology, you will be able to fly through the sky at terrifying speeds! What's more? You can also enjoy a delicious snack of cheese during your trip! All you have to do is bite your spaceship, which is made of cheese! Just don't eat too much, or your spaceship will not be fully functional and you may fall into space and end up floating around in space forever whether or not you are immortal.

If you purchase this product from Ganymede Industries and misuse the product, we are not liable for any injuries or death that may take place.


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