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Long Lasting Ally of Aldania Has Left Camelot

Aldania Strives to Maintain Foreign Relations With Them

By Founder Alden Klemme
08/31/2022 12:22 pm
Updated: 09/15/2022 01:25 am

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Long lasting Aldanian ally, Hydroland, has recently quit Camelot and joined a new alliance, the Astra Federation. Leaders of The Maroon Knights had no choice but to remove him from their MDP considering he was no longer a part of Camelot. Hydroland owes a reported 200 Million dollars to Camelot which Grass from the Astra Federation has claimed will be paid back on a weekly basis. Hydroland was the third oldest founder of The Maroon Knights and his withdrawal leaves The Britannian Federation and Aldania as the sole founders.