Nation Bulletin


Alteria wins its first raid wars against the nasty elite, solidifying its place as an emerging power.

5 wars on 5 fronts, won diligently.

By Supreme Premier Oma Desala
08/20/2022 08:13 pm
Updated: 08/20/2022 08:29 pm

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Alteria brings 5 nations to there knees and makes out with a profit. 

Alteria, the new and emerging nation that has crash landed on Orbis with their city sized spaceship has started raiding other nations, quite successfully it seems. Maybe it was luck or maybe a bit of strategy, or maybe those new energy weapons they brought with them! 

Alteria seems humble in its approach, only going after other nations that seem hell bent on monetization of the elite and super rich. It seems they may be a robin hood in disguise. 


Whatever is going on, all we know is that they seem to be doing the right thing, thinking about there people and the re-distribution of wealth, something which most Nations on Orbis welcome!

What do you think to this new and emerging nation, would you back them and become an ally? 

Post your thoughts below and we will make sure our readers get them!


Posted August 20, 2022 at 9:43 pm

Ugh, more space communists 

As if we don’t have enough of those